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  1. Light Monday Workout

    So this weekend I was gone from Thursday to Sunday at an age group meet in Nashville for a meet for my daughter. Because of that, I haven't been in the water since Wednesday. I have to say it makes me a little twitchy spending 4 days at a pool and not being able to jump in it and get a workout in, but of course I can't be that crazy old lady taking up space during warm-ups!

    Today I kept it light to ease back in and because I was short on time. I did have a part 2 and 3 of this workout that I didn't do but may in the future, so I'll post the whole set if you're feeling ambitious.

    W/U (600):

    300 swim mix
    300 kick w/ fins

    Main (1600/3200/4800):
    Rd 1 - pull, Rd 2 - sw no equipment; Rd 3 - w/ fins (& paddles if you want)

    I only did round one of this because I'm trying to strengthen my pull, but if I had more time I would have completed all three rounds.


    1x100 @ 1:15/1:10/1:05
    1x200 @ 2:35/2:30/2:25
    1x300 @ 3:55/3:50/3:45
    1x400 @ 5:20/5:10/5:00
    1x300 @ 3:50/3:45/3:40
    1x200 @ 2:30/2:25/2:20
    1x100 @ 1:10/1:05/1:00]

    100 easy

    Total: 2300/3900/5600
    Swim Workouts