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Meet Prep!

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So I'm not going to lie, I'm VERY excited for this weekend. Even if I'm a little sick I'm going to go in there and kick some serious rear! I'm not slowing my training for this either. The summer is all about doing everything I physically can. (As you can tell from all of my other posts, I don't leave much time to slow down.

However - that doesn't mean I won't be taking these meets seriously! I've already established my goals (and have since learned they may be unrealistic in an LCM...) and I've already figured out what I'm going to eat and when to help make sure my body is ready to roll.

The only problem I may have now is actually sleeping. Its by no means an issue of not being tired, or not even being in my bed. Its a matter of containing the excitement before these meets!

Normally - I'm usually really chill. I don't usually allow myself to get excited until the precipice of the event. It keeps me from having this exact same problem! The whole night I had visions of swimming and flip turns. I spent a lot of time laying in bed with my eyes closed just trying to let go and I couldn't. I remember when my email click went off on my phone around 1 AM, then a few facebook posts around 2 or 3 AM..... I had already decided around midnight to just shut off my alarm, since I wasn't getting to sleep and just wake up whenever (my job offers me a lot of flexibility).

I couldn't lay there anymore around 4:30-5:00 AM and ended up just making breakfast and going into work early. So here I sit now, not TERRIBLY exhausted (much less exhausted than I thought I would be) but still tired.

The only part about this that really drives me wild is that I still have 2 nights of trying to sleep before I even get to the Park Ridge 1500, let alone the Badger State Games! I remember I was like this before the Illinois state meet back in April, but I just had problems sleeping the night before the meet, not the week of the meet!

I think what triggered it was my performance during practice last night. We did 20x100 and I was supposed to be on 2:15. Well - due to some ankle issues I've had to swap in and out of using the pull buoy. I'm MUCH faster on pull than I am on my standard swim. So I was doing my pulls on 1:30 and my swims on 1:55. I ended up finishing way ahead of time - which was such a COOL experience for me. I was driven enough by it that I managed to pre-make my meals for today, do the dishes, and take out the trash after practice all before 11 PM after practice last night. (I get home around 10:15).

What gets you excited? What gets you pumped for a meet?

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  1. swimmerb212's Avatar
    I am always excited for meets, and almost always get sick to my stomach, even if I'm trying to be chill about it. The butterflies find me no matter how low the stakes are.

    Sometimes, when I can't sleep, if I'm thinking about swimming, I count strokes like they were sheep. It's worked once or twice.
  2. aztimm's Avatar
    In the running forums I participate in, they say that you should just assume you won't sleep well the night before a big race. What matters most is to sleep well--and longer--2 nights before.

    Maybe it is the late practices? When I was in college, I played water polo, and our practices were 9-11pm (the water polo club was the low man on the totem pole), and I was pretty wound up until 1am.

    Are you drinking things with caffeine or alcohol? While they may provide some short-term boosts or lethargy, the long run impact could hurt you. Sure a little of either isn't bad.

    When I find myself unable to sleep, one of the best things that works for me is to read a book. Preferably something boring.

    Good luck in your meet this weekend, and try to get some rest!
  3. bzaks1424's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by aztimm
    Are you drinking things with caffeine or alcohol?
    Funny you should ask that; I actually cannot have ANY caffeine in my diet. I avoid chocolate, coffee, teas, etc....

    In fact - rather than go in to large detail - I'll put up a blog post. I'll let you know via PM when its up.