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Practically Naked

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Ventured back to the pool today to swim another 200. The vlogger guessed it -- 200 IM. Naturally, I fully intended and would have preferred to swim it with my B70. Indeed, I brought my 23+ swims B70 to the pool for this very purpose!

But as fans of Vlad the Vlogger, that evil disseminator of private text messages, already know, I busted a huge hole in the suit. A friend, scyfreestyler, said: "I told you to kick ass, not show ass." Fortunately, for everyone involved, I did NOT pull a Laura Smith, as my wardrobe malfunction occurred in the privacy of the locker room. Right on the heels of having set a PR by shimmying into it in 2 minutes flat ... Perhaps that was a sign ... Spurned, I reached into my bag and, lo and behold, I left the Hineck Pro I wore for yesterday's 200 back on the drying rack ... So I was forced to borrow a dry suit from my daughter: bright pink floral Splish suit.

Thusly attired, and with 30 years of rust, I rather cautiously approached the blocks for the event. I was spurred on by the sure knowledge that my daughter would never let me live it down if I didn't swim (and would be thrilled to be so much faster than me) and that Stevenson (or others) would haul out the "ninny" word. So I gamely gave it a whirl and finished in a 2:26.35.

I must confess I completely bonked on the last 50. No gas left at all. I was also coffee breaking on the turns. Don't know what my splits were as I was swimming in a different pool than my daughter. (Her coaches sometimes get my splits.) Still, I was happy with the time, and suspect I would have gone roughly 2 seconds faster if properly clad.


Woke up today and despite a lot of stretching and fluids my calves were still sore from the cramping yesterday. They cramped again right on the start. I think this reduced my enjoyment of the race. I felt like I was SDK-ing like a wee baby. lol Stud says I need to try tonic water.

I also wish I could say I liked this event like Hulk, but, truly, I did not. That was the most pain I've felt as a masters swimmer since the piano fell on my long course 100 fly this summer. Ack. This event might have been a little ambitious for me, and is definitely not for drop dead sprinters. The 200 back seemed comparatively easier. But, still, I'm glad I broke out of my comfort zone this weekend and tried two new events.

I took 3 strokes from the flags before flipping on backstroke today. Was very close to the wall. I guess now that I have a ripped B70, I can haul the thing with me to the pool and practice turns in it. (Tank underneath of course.)

Didn't swim the 100 back today. My seed time hadn't been changed in the system. Wouldn't have gotten enough rest. Reminder never to even think of doing back to back events.

I really didn't enjoy swimming without a tech suit and have no intention whatsoever of repeating this incident!!!!!! I guess I know not to push B70's 25 swims promise without a back up suit.

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Updated February 10th, 2009 at 11:29 AM by The Fortress

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  1. Donna's Avatar
    I know how you feel. I had to wear one of my old Tyr Aquashift's today that is starting to get that see thru look in the back end.

    I remembered when I swam with the kids team the boys would usually were a short speedo then slip the leg skin over it and swim. SO why can't we! I bought a black speedo bikini and wear the bottoms under the suit. At least this way I can get more wear out of it.
  2. jim thornton's Avatar
    I thought it was 25 MEETS, not 25 swims. And I am benificent, not evil!
  3. jaegermeister's Avatar
    Great swimming, Leslie. No qualifiers necessary. It is a major stretch of courage to do the 2-back and IM. I am inspired as well to step up and take them on, when my competition resumes.
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    I see the boys with their double suits on all the time too, Donna!

    25 swims, Jim! They'd never make money if it was 25 meets. Never got any clarification on how warm downs and such effected that count. It must be that the tighter the suit, the likelier it is that it will burst a seam sooner ...
  5. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thank you very much, Tom. It did rather take some courage. But, since I've been doing some aerobic training and wasn't resting, I thought the timing was right. I wouldn't want to do either event at a taper meet. They're both punishing events, and I made plenty of mistakes. Nonetheless, glad I attempted them and equally glad to shelve them for awhile.

    I thought you had already done the 200 back though!
  6. jaegermeister's Avatar
    Doing the 2-back repeatedly qualifies you for a DSM diagnosis. Sort of like running marathons: many have done it to prove they could, but repeat offenders show their true OCD/masochistic colors. Yes, I've been there and done that, but I know I can do better and thus I'm compelled to take it on again.
  7. The Fortress's Avatar
    I feel no mental health diagnosis impending in regards to the 200 IM. Possible OCD in the 200 back, but a mild case only surely.

    Don't wait to long to test your mettle, Tom.
  8. pwb's Avatar
    Great swims, especially with the wardrobe malfunction. Imagining my wife asking my daughter to borrow one of HER swimsuits ... now that's courage on your part.
  9. qbrain's Avatar
    The secret event was the 200 IM? That is actually 4 events without rest. Good job.

    It is very impressive that you can borrow your daughter's suit.
  10. quicksilver's Avatar
    The ultimate 'swim mom'.
  11. onefish's Avatar
    And it would have been entertaining to hear what your daughter was telling her friends while you were doing the IM (bravo, it is a very hard race)....and what they then told their parental units. The stuff of legends.

    My daughter acts has our style police at home - "oh, dad, you're not going out with mom wearing THAT, are you?" - and grimaces when we drag her to meets. Imagine her surprise at a woman at Portand Nats that took off her warmups and was wholly tatoo'd...we ain't all that old, little girl.
  12. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thank you all!

    Well, I didn't hear what she told her other friends. But I got an earful: "why was your turnover so slow?," "your streamlines were awful," "what's with the turns?!", "how could you die so much in free?"

    My only consolation is that I got a lot of encouragement and compliments from watching parents and coaches. lol

    You're right, Dave. Mostly we're an embarrassment to our children. But occasionally we can still surprise them. My daughter does borrow my clothes on occasion, so I guess I can't be the worst fuddy duddy around.
  13. aztimm's Avatar
    Wow, that's amazing you pulled that off, and with some grace. Not sure what I would have done...

    I have special socks I wear for my long runs, and was nearly flipping out when I couldn't find them the day before my marathon, but eventually they turned up. I couldn't imagine what I would have done if my 'good' running shoes had gone missing.

    Congratulations on doing the event, and that time is still far better than I'll ever do. If only I could do a 50 fly, I could attempt this....
  14. The Fortress's Avatar
    I did have a mini "panic" attack in my head, Tim. Just decided to make the best of it. Would definitely have preferred to swim in my "real" suit. The upside is that it will make my next 100 IM seem very short.