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Sept. 27

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I've decided to back date the blog to Sept. 27, the day of my first SCY meet this season. I traveled to NC with the Hulk and swam at a beautiful facility, The Triangle Aquatic Center. Met Geek and Wookiee!


50 fly, 27.5
50 back, 29.1 (mediocre turn)
100 back 1:04.7 (only got a toe on the third turn)

Happy with the times though! My 50s were both 1.3 seconds faster than I started out last year. I only rested a few days for the meet.

Need to work on my backstroke turns. I'm either jamming them or missing the wall. With the added strength from lifting and the B70, I need take only 2 strokes at the flags before I flip.

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