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So SCY season is upon us soon! I'm already starting to plan out my goals and ideas!
Since I like to break things down logically (being that logic is my job) I'm going to start by labeling my high level goals and then giving slightly more detailed goals that I have within those goals.

Simple goals:
1) Get Faster (in Swimming)
2) Get Stronger
3) Get Skinnier
4) Build a giant robot that can take over.... .err never mind. (Remember Mike - this is PUBLIC)

My physical stats and goals:
Height: 6'3ish <-- I was 6'2 going into college, grew another inch freshman year
Weight: 210ish <-- Lightest EVER
Shoe Size: 15 <-- Sucks to buy shoes
Waist Line: 34 <-- WOW! I'm so pumped!
Body Fat (as of 7/22/2010): 17.5% <--- GRRR

My body fat is a frustrating one. I have a lot of loose skin - so I honestly feel that it probably skewed the results of the 7 point pinch test. Especially when I can't imagine myself still having another 35 pounds of fat on my body. Regardless - I still have to keep working out anyway. Otherwise how can I get stronger? (What just happened?)

My strength goals:
I don't do a good job keeping stats (like 1MR) of my lifts. I'm not concerned so much with building up that kind of strength. All of my strength goals are to build my body so I can focus more intensively on swimming. So even though my curl is at 12x70 (35 in each hand) using an underhand grip and my lat pull down is at 12x115 - I honestly just want to see those numbers continue to rise on a biweekly to triweekly basis as I spend my 6 days a week at the gym, focusing on developing my extremities while strengthening my core as much as possible. If I can continue lifting and growing stronger - its only going to help me swim faster! (ANOTHER TRANSITION? What's he doing!?)

Swimming stats and goals
Alright - So my only SCY times are in the IL State Meet in April. That was long enough ago - and I've lost 20 pounds since then and have gained a lot of strength. I have a few LCM times - but rather than worrying about converting them. Lets just say I'd better beat them when it comes to SCY. The official times are still there:
50 Free: 32.97
100 Free 1:18.42
I have my goal times for the year to reach for.
50 Free: < 30 sec
100 Free: < 1:10
50 Back: < 50 sec
100 Back: < 1:50
50 Breast: < 55 sec
100 Breast: < 2:00
*Note - if I beat those times, then I just want to continue improvement. If I don't - its fine. I'm just looking forward to trying! Lastly for swimming; I want to learn how to do butterfly by next April for the Illinois state meet. I'd like to be able to do the 50 free in fly. We'll see what I can get my coach to teach me!
Outside of swimming - I'm going to be working up to no less than 5 days a week swimming and if I can - 2 practices per day. We'll see how that lines up with sleep as one can't swim all of those events well if you don't have proper rest and nutrition! (He did it again! That son of a big guy!)

Rest and Nutrional Goals
Now - nutritional goals are nothing new for me. Rest goals however totally are. To help me focus better on my swimming and to allow me to swim more often and more effectively - I need to be properly rested and well nourished.
So to help me rest more - I'm giving up organized recreation outside of swimming for now. As soon as my seasons are over for basketball and both of my softball leagues, I'm going to forgo other offers so I can just primarily focus on my swimming and my workout (lifting and possibly running).
Nutrionally - I need to focus on making sure I keep a solid grip on the reality of my situation - I have to maintain healthy eating habits. I know from experience now that when I do splurge - I end up feeling kind of sick and tired within a few hours. If I'm going to perform - I need to be on top of my game!
I also need to make sure I sleep enough. Which is such a tear for me. One the one hand - if I get up early - get to work early and get home early - I get to have the afternoon to accomplish what needs to be done. On the other hand - my masters team meets at 8:30 at night. That means practice goes til 9:30, and I'm awake til 11 minimum. A 5 AM wake up just doesn't happen on that these days. So especially once basketball and softball are done, I'll take some time to really focus on how I'm going to actually implement these ideas.

Thanks for reading again! Today's post isn't as long - but I still appreciate you reading! So today I'm offering a dinosaur:

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Your probably going to continue to get faster for a long time with them feet of yours.

    I hit a wall 3 months ago on my 19th month, total, of swimming (I started as a nonswimmer).
  2. quicksilver's Avatar
    With another year of conditioning you will easily smash that 100 free goal.

    As a rule of thumb...take your 50 time and double it. Then add four seconds. That should be your 100 free time. It's worked across the board for many of the age group and masters swimmers in our program over the years. When the time differential is noticeably off, it means that the endurance factor needs a little adjustment.

    Good luck with the training. Sounds like you have a good plan. 6 days a week is a big commitment. Remember to build in a couple of days off now and again.
  3. KEWebb18's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by quicksilver
    Good luck with the training. Sounds like you have a good plan. 6 days a week is a big commitment. Remember to build in a couple of days off now and again.
    I agree with quicksilver. SCY is a LONG season. Get some rest in there, you don't want to get burned out or injured. For me, the harder I work, the more rest I need. Since you are a young'n you probably don't need as much rest.

    Your goals are awesome. I look forward to reading about your progress.