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Workout 8/25

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SCY - Had the lane to myself until the last 400.

Warm up
- 400 swim
- 200 kick
- 4x50 odd back/free, even drill/swim
Main Set
- 4x150 on 1:50 (about 5s rest)
- 300 back
- 3x400 on 5:00* (4:48, 4:49, 4:42)
Cool down
- 200 ez

* Took a minute extra rest between #2 and #3 trying to break 4:40. Marshall dove into the lane as I was coming into the wall at the 200 and I got washed into the lane line. I should have swam faster.

This workout took me 44.5 minutes from the time I dove in until I started cool down. Dennis asked me if workout was short, since it only took him 48 minutes to get to the cool down and I pointed out that there is almost no rest in today's workout. We are also used to doing about 3100 LCM, so today's workout would have felt short even if there were more short distance sets adding to our rest.

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