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Monday 10112011: AM Swim & PM Gym

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by , October 12th, 2010 at 01:26 AM (591 Views)
so question for other dog owners. if she cries at 3am, do you get up to let her out? I debated to myself, but eventually thought if she was crying that much, she may go I got up and let her out. just don't want her getting in the habit of doing that.

anyway, I did make it to swim workout with the team, was quite tired due to said dog. Kino Aquatic Center, Mesa, 6am
Paul and Laura coach, was on Laura's side

400 w/u choice

w/u set--
300 swim
300 50 free/50 back
300 50 cruise/50 build

2 x 50 kick @ :10 rest
2 x 100 (50 swim/50 drill) @ :10 rest
2 x 200 @ :10 rest (I pulled)

800 neg split for time
4 x 150 @ 2:15 descend (I pulled)
4 x 100 @ 1:25 descend

200 w/d

total: 4000 yards

* Paul and Laura were mixing things up today, who knows, maybe the whole week. Paul took the more sprinty workout, Laura the longer, on their usual sides. a couple of us moved, some stayed with their usual coach. got to swim next to some people I don't usually see.
* Laura is so much more active than mellow Paul. she always has a stopwatch in hand, and actually got splits for each of us on the 800, only I don't remember what they were (really wasn't prepared for that, don't know what I'd do with them, but I'm sure some people here would critique me). I think my final time was around 10:50. just not used to that level of detail....several times at ASU I'd start a long swim and finish to find the coach put away the clock.
* there was supposed to be a 400 neg split between the 150s and 100s, but we didn't have enough time. I really wanted to do it, almost asked if I could just stay to do it all.
* did most of the set with Brad, he just barely lapped me on the 800 though.

then I made it to the gym on my way home.

Elliptical: 16:00, 1.76 miles, 207 cal, crossramp 8, resistance--8 for a min, 9 for a min, 10 for 2 min, 11 for 3 min, 12 for 4 min, 13 for 2 min, 14 for 2 min, a min warmdown at 11

Bench: 1 x 15 x 45, 2 x 10 x 135, 2 x 7 x 155, 1 x 5 x 175 (w spot)
Dumbbell chest fly: 1 x 15 x 45s, 2 x 10 x 60s, 2 x 6 x 65s
Hammer strength front lat pulldowns: 1 x 15 x 90, 1 x 12 x 140, 2 x 8 x 190
Hammer strength shoulder press: 1 x 15 x 90, 2 x 10 x 110, 1 x 6 x 140
Biceps preacher curls: 1 x 15 x 70, 3 x 10 x 90
Leg raise: 3 x 15
Situps on decline bench: 30 normal, 30 Rocky, 30 normal
Precor triceps extension: 1 x 15 x 60, 2 x 10 x 80
Plank: 5:00 done as a min forearms on foam roller, 30 sec normal, a min right, a min left, 15 sec normal, 25 sec r arm l leg raised, 10 sec normal, 25 sec l arm r leg raised, 15 sec normal

* I really didn't want to go, but drove myself there and struggled to get inside, changed and on the elliptical. I started up my Running playlist, that I just refreshed yesterday, only to have a song from the South Park movie (not really appropriate to say, but it is about Cartman's mom), and I just couldn't stop laughing. I saw that movie in the theater back when it came out...was the only movie I remember being carded to get into.
* also just before I got on the elliptical, I saw the guy who I had to pull the bar off of on the incline bench last week. he was jogging on a treadmill just behind me, and actually waved to me.
* did get a spot for my last round of bench, and he asked ahead what I wanted (I told him, "start with just your fingers, then if I'm still struggling, gradually pull more")...ended up running into the same guy a couple times after that, and we worked in together on the decline bench for situps (he did different versions).
* think I hit a new max on preacher curls with that 90#. it didn't feel so bad, but I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow or Wed. also odd with my playlist, as I was sitting down, the song Papa Don't Preach began...

planning to get in a run, Biltmore area/AZ Canal, before work in the morning. I have an odd thing tomorrow night so won't get in a swim.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    so question for other dog owners. if she cries at 3am, do you get up to let her out? I debated to myself, but eventually thought if she was crying that much, she may go I got up and let her out. just don't want her getting in the habit of doing that.
    It depends. If you're confident in her house training, probably not. However, once you've had her longer, you'll probably recognize that there are times when, even though she's perfectly housetrained, something abnormal's going on and she needs to be let out.

    If you have a fenced yard (a safe bet here), I'd highly recommend installing a dog door. Dogs pick it up very easily (a few days at most) and it makes your life so much easier. This brand seems to have held up well --
  2. KEWebb18's Avatar
    I agree with Patrick's post. It takes time to know a dog's habits and how they are doing with the training.

    Yes, I fell prey to this little trick by my 3 year old dog. I was worried that she would have an accident in the house. Turns out, most of the time she just wanted to go in the backyard to play! After a few nights of losing sleep, I would just tell her to go to her bed.
  3. aztimm's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback! I take her out before I head to bed, so she should be able to make it through the night. I think the one cat bothers her so she wanted me to pay attention to her...

    And a doggie door isn't an option since we have cats. Not only our inside cats, but there are several stray cats that roam the neighborhood that could come inside. Plus there's other critters who come in the yard (from geckos and scorpions to jackrabbits and snakes). I'd be paranoid about keeping things in and out of the house.