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Fat Man back in the Pool

Fat man in the Water 1/27/09

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by , January 28th, 2009 at 03:38 PM (1612 Views)
Looks like I will have to dig up the practice on 01/20/09 and post later. 1/22 in Hobbs with a dead laptop. Black screen of death indicating a fried bios. Went to have a good dinner instead.
Saturday was a Scout Training Session followed by a funeral. Yesterday was the first chance back in the tank.

1/27 New Territory Pool SCY Dana Coached
This pool is outdoors which means that down here in the big swamp it is aerators in the summer and the only heat is in the water during the cold and last night was. Air temp dropped from 60 to 40 during the course of the practice.

500 swim
8 x 50 kick build 1st 25 sprint 2nd
4 x (4 x 25 stroke descend, 100 IM AFAP, 100 easy) change strokes for each group of 25s in IM Order. Liked this one - a nice 1200 yard sprint.
6 x 50 stroke/free
100 easy

2400 yards- It probably would have been more, but the coach had been coached at least one workout session before this one and she was cold.

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