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Team Practice, Sunday, Feb. 1

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Went to my team practice today. Couldn't possibly sleep through it since a couple giggly, squirmy loud 8 year old girls woke me up. Was a bit worried that it might require hard aerobic work, but, happily, we had a sprinty type workout. Seemed reasonably ideal for my first taper workout, although I definitely have done my last fast 100 today and will do somewhat less AFAP work during the rest of the week.

Warm up:


300 free
300 non free
300 pull
300 drill
4 x 50: 25 UW/25 scull


500 swim
200 kick
100 drill
50 UW/scull

(Chatted with coach before I hopped in. Told her I was starting to taper for Auburn. She was slightly worried I was going down "all alone," but I assured her I already had Friday and Saturday night dinner plans. )

Kick set:

10 x 50 kick @ 1:00
flutter kick, down on left side, back on right
(I took 15 dolphin kicks on my side off each wall before coming up and flutter kicking.)

(Comment: I know everyone does this kicking on their side drill. Aside from warm up, I think it's pretty useless, especially for sprinters. Yes, we rotate when we swim. But no one actually swims completely on their side.)

Speed Sets:

8 x 25 @ :40
2x: speed play, speed play, fast, easy
speed play drills: heads up free with fast turnover, backstroke in V sit windmilling arms, or breaststroke with a fast flutter kick

(My lane mate Mark and I didn't like the backstroke drill and couldn't figure out what it was supposed to achieve. Hmmmm ... It also felt hard on my shoulders in that V sit position.)

100 EZ (did 50)

6 x 100 @ 1:45

#1 first 25 fast, rest easy
#2 second 25 fast, rest easy
#3 third 25 fast, rest easy
#4 fourth 25 fast, rest easy
#5 100 fast
#6 100 easy

did the fast 25s fly
did the fast 100 back w/fins. choked on water on the third length and had to turtle the turn. went 1:00

8 x 100 @ 1:50, done as:
25 dolphin kick on back, 50 kick in IM order, 25 swim

I didn't feel as though I was getting enough rest on these, so I put on fins after 2. Cruised all the kicking, rested 5 seconds and did a 25 AFAP, 2 back/2 fly/2 free

200 C/D

Total: 3200

Practiced about a dozen starts. Trying to concentrate on throwing my hands out toward the opposite wall, getting my hands in a streamline position as soon as possible, keeping my head down, and not going in so flat. I was fairly successful on a couple starts ... makes a huge difference. I actually went pretty far ... made me wonder about the 15 meter mark and more serious dolphin kicks.

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Updated February 10th, 2009 at 10:22 AM by The Fortress

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  1. SwimStud's Avatar
    Hehe I like the look of the 6 x 100 EZ.
  2. gigi's Avatar
    Yeah, I never got the point of that spin drill either. I think it's supposed to give the feeling of a fast turnover, but it's just plain nuts if you ask me.

    Good luck in Auburn - and thanks for the 3-day taper advice - I had a great meet today!
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Only #6 was EZ, Rich. lol

    Congrats Gigi.
  4. SwimStud's Avatar
    lol I mean Hard/EZ
  5. The Fortress's Avatar
    Well, Tall Paul likes speed variables, so you must be implicitly hero worshipping him. :P

    I'm tired. Might have done too much sprinting ... I'm going to really slack off now.
  6. Bobinator's Avatar
    Hi Fortress!

    Yes, running does wonders for thinking, dreaming, or creating new ideas. I have to think too much about how to swim when I swim so I really never get those feelings.
    Good work out today. Have fun with that taper!
  7. The Fortress's Avatar
    I never get them swimming either. Way too focused on the mechanics/speed/technique/breathing etc. Running is escapism, by contrast.
  8. quicksilver's Avatar
    Is it really a taper? or are you just beginning a speed work phase?
    It seems very early to be gearing up for May.

    Are you prepping for other meets in the interim?
  9. The Fortress's Avatar
    I'm tapering for the Auburn meet, Quick. I don't follow a regular "season." Tapering for Zones doesn't work that well for me this year. And I needed something to amuse myself to get through the winter doldrums. I train pretty consistently and feel that I can taper almost anytime. So Auburn it is. I'm really tired from the starts yesterday, so I'm going to shut those down.
  10. qbrain's Avatar
    Fort on a four month taper. That would make for some interesting reading. I bet I would learn some new words.
  11. The Fortress's Avatar
    You would. And if you were on FB, you'd know I swear a lot.

    I don't even have a meet planned in May ... except maybe skipping up to NY to see Quick and Rob if I get a SCM "away pass."
    Updated February 2nd, 2009 at 04:50 PM by The Fortress
  12. quicksilver's Avatar
    I will mark the calendar (for May).

    Thanks for the tip on your seasonal training. Four months of speed work eh?

    You're going to be one fast mermaid.
  13. The Fortress's Avatar
    Feb-Mar-April will be loaded with speed work b/c of Auburn-Albatross-Zones. After each meet, I'll go back to adding aerobic work in with the speed work for a couple weeks.