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West Bend SCM Meet Post Mortem

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I didn't get a pre-meet run down mostly because of time and craziness both at my job and in my life ('tis the season!). Even now - I don't really have much time to type this up - so I'll be brief.

50 Fly
I didn't actually want to do this race - my shoulders have been hurting as a result of not building the muscle in my chest and shoulders properly. I've been working them when I can but have been lacking the necessary time. The race wasn't terrible, and I did OKAY. I dropped two seconds off of my seed. So I ended up swimming roughly (I don't have my exact results with me) a 43.
200 Free
Started off too fast, but managed to hold on: 2:58 and change. 5 Seconds drop from Indy! Not too shabby!
50 Back (as part of the 200 Medley Relay)
I suspect I suck at racing back. I can swim it in practice decently, but my backstroke in races always seems like a torrent of chocking, dolphining too deep and hating myself when its over. I have no idea what my split was - but it was weird as heck watching someone dive over top of me in the relay.
50 Breast
I had a fantastic Dive and Pullout. I covered 1/2 of the length of the pool and by the time I hit the wall I was in last place again. <sigh> Some day.
200 IM
That race sucked. It was SOOO LONG. I think next time I'll try to swim that fresh. 3:50 and change. It was 20 seconds longer than I planned.
1500 Free
Event #6 in 3 short hours. I was cashed out. Swam it in 26 and change. I wish I would've swam it first - I'm pretty sure I would've blown my 25 out of the water from Indy.

Busy busy busy. Thanks for reading!

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  1. ElaineK's Avatar
    Six events in 3 hours? You did great, considering the circumstances!