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Tri Swim?! Monday, Feb. 2

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Left for the pool a bit late today. Had to take some time to opine on the idiocy of Phelps. Not a good move though. I got kicked out of my lane by a high school team and had to move into the wall lane halfway through. My horror of wall lanes is of course well known, but this one had two ladders sticking out quite far. Definitely no fly in that lane!

My legs (and the rest of me actually) were really tired yesterday and today from all the starts. I guess Tall Paul is right that you shouldn't do them too close to meets.

Warm up:

750 swim-kick-drill

Aerobic set:

8 x 100 @ 1:50, cruiser pace
alternate backstroke and backstroke kick

50 EZ

Speed sets:

6 x (25 AFAP + 50 EZ)
2 fly/2 back/2 free

100 EZ

3 x (50 back AFAP w/fins + 200 EZ)

Went 26, 25.5, 25ish

These are the fastest 50 backs that I can recall doing in a solo practice. Think I went faster once at Mason with a real person timing me.

100 EZ

Total: 3000

How'd I do, Ande?

I am being strongly *urged* to participate in a coed tri relay at the Savageman Triathlon next September. At least the water at Deep Creek is clean, although very very cold. This could be somewhat comical ... I don't have any excuse that it interferes with a meet though ... It might interfere with a rematch of Geek 9:27 I guess, although Geek, in abject fear, has apparently sworn off the 100 back for life. Julie O. competed in this Tri last year and demolished the field of OW chicks.

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Updated February 10th, 2009 at 10:22 AM by The Fortress

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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    Hi Fortress!
    What's a OW chick?
    Great workout today....I couldn't swim that fast in a meet let alone a practice by myself! (26, 25.5, 25 back)
    You are a Fortress of Insane Speed!
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    OW = open water. I've never done it myself. Those 50 backs were with fins!
  3. Julie Roddin's Avatar
    YAY FORT....DO IT!!!!! It will be such a fun weekend! You will be totally fine doing the open water swim. Don't worry about water temp. Last year wasn't too bad and when you're racing you don't feel it anyways!

    And don't forget about Roddin...he CRUSHED in the 1/2 IM race swim last year!

    Plus, you'll be able to get warm immediately after finishing up the swim, unlike us crazies who hop on our bikes...
  4. Bobinator's Avatar
    OW: open water...oh that makes sense. I should have figured that one out on my own!
    Don't worry about cold, open water are so fast you will be done before the cold starts to seep in!
    Open water is the bomb. It is an adventure from start to finish. You lose a little control but make it up in excitement!
  5. The Fortress's Avatar

    The main reason I might let myself be talked into doing it is for the fun! I would never do that 56 mile bike "ride" involving that "thing" called the wall!


    You are speaking to a hard core pool only sprinter. I make a small exception to swimming in the ocean on vacation -- unless I'm running on the beach.
  6. ande's Avatar
    nice job
    i'd like you to do fast stuff without fins
    how much rest between your fast 50s
  7. The Fortress's Avatar
    Lots of rest. I did a 200 between each. Well, I can't go off the blocks and that bugs me. I also don't wear tech suits in practice. That's one reason why I use fins for speed work and to simulate race pace. I also can't see the pace clock from where I would do a real backstroke start. I have to go on a push from the other end of the pool. The last time someone was with me and timed me, I went a 31. It's hard to get accurate times swimming solo.
    Updated February 3rd, 2009 at 09:15 AM by The Fortress
  8. pwb's Avatar
    Do the OW swim. How far is it? If your with a bunch of hard core tri folks, they'll all be wearing wetsuits. Put one on, you'll float like a butterfly and trounce those tri-dudes and dudettes.
  9. The Fortress's Avatar
    It's a 1/2 IM, OW swim = 1.2 miles. The water temp is 66-70. No way can I swim in that without a wetsuit!
  10. qbrain's Avatar
    Don't worry Fort, I will be the voice of reason.

    OW Swimming! Are you crazy!?! Why would you want to do that?

    Quick sanity check. Do you like to run? Do you like butterfly? Do you like the 200?

    ... looks like you should be leaning toward doing the Savageman. Sorry.
  11. The Fortress's Avatar
    I'm not well known for my sanity and reasonableness, Q.