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Tuesday, Feb. 3

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by , February 3rd, 2009 at 04:27 PM (1740 Views)
Warm up:

400 swim
200 kick
100 fly drills

20 x 25 UW shooters w/MF
4 belly, 4 left, 4 right, 4 back, 4 fly spin drill

50 EZ

Speed Work:

8 x (25 easy speed fly + 25 easy)

100 EZ

50 back AFAP from the blocks, 31ish (?)

(Did this for Ande. However, it is just useless to try to time a 50 back from the blocks from that end of the pool. The pace clock (for some odd reason) is down at the shallow end where the noodlers swim on the same wall. I really can't see the time from that angle. So this is a rough guess. I prefer swimming from the other end where I can see the clock on the opposite wall perfectly.)

175 EZ

50 fly AFAP w/fins, 25

200 EZ

4 x (25 free AFAP + 50 EZ)

100 EZ

Total: 2650

Wanted to do more recovery swimming between the sprints and more of a warm down, but I was too busy this am and couldn't get to the pool earlier.

Jim Thornton expressed shock that I was starting to taper NOW. *gasp* I guess he has not been following the the taper advice thread. I fear the winter doldrums are interfering with him reading anything but his own blog comments.

I can't decide whether to take tomorrow off or not ... Several gurus have said I should take more days off than usual. Was thinking of taking the whole weekend off. Undecided. Rather unusual. lol


Here's a nice set from Dave Salo, that was passed on to me when I asked about it. Another one I'd like to do after taper:

Salo Set:
5a/4ei/3r x 100 Kick w/ Fins @ 2:00 - descend 1-4
8 x 25 Kick/Swim w/ Fins @ :35 Full speed kick to 15m & breakout into swimming
5ae/4i/3r x 100 pull with small paddles @ 1:40 - descend 1-4
8 x 25 pull @ :35 with large paddles - full speed
5ae/4r/3r x 100 swim @ 1:30 descend 1-4
8 x 25 swim @ :35 full speed
5ae/4i/3r x 100 Paddles+fins @ 1:20 descend 1-4
8 x 25 paddles+fins full speed @ :35
easy 200
Total Distance
a = advanced = 3,400
e = experienced = 3,300
i = intermediate = 3,000
r = rookie = 2,600

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Updated February 10th, 2009 at 10:22 AM by The Fortress

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  1. quicksilver's Avatar
    Saw that you are tapering for a meet on the 14th.
    It all makes sense now.

    I thought you were already doing it for Nationals.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Not going to SCY Nats this year, Val. Maybe Indy in August.
  3. qbrain's Avatar
    Take time off? What will you do if you are not trying to cram in 3 workouts between your normal daily responsibilities?

    I am not sure your system could handle free time. Best stick with working out.
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    hahaha, well, I feel a compulsive need to *try* to taper properly -- since I only give it a go so infrequently.
  5. jim thornton's Avatar
    Leslie, I am tapering beyond what your mere mortals can even conceive of tapering! And by this I mean: suspended animation, wherein my twitching morph alternates between sleep in the bed or on my couch and SDKS in the pool or baby pool.
  6. SwimStud's Avatar
    Les.. did you do the Salo set? Pulls with paddles?