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Dr. Jim's Hip Diagnosis, Feb. 6, 2009

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Thanks to Mary and Q, I did hip rotators on the foam roller last night and this morning. It actually really hurt. Went to the hot gym pool so I could soak in the whirlpool for a bit. Left the MF at home and didn't do any hard kicking today. Even took the kicking a little easy on the fast stuff.

SCM, solo:

Warm up:

5 minutes in hot tub

600 swim-kick

4 x 100 single arm fly drill @ 2:00

Mellow Aerobic Stuff:

10 x 50 @ 1:10,
alternate back and backstroke kick

10 x (25 easy speed fly + 25 easy)

50 EZ

Speed work:

broken 100 back, 15 seconds rest at the 50

200 EZ

50 fly AFAP

200 EZ

3 x (3 x 25 AFAP + 25 easy)

150 easy

20 minutes in hot tub

Total: 2800 meters


Dr. Jim's Diagnosis of my "nagging" hip issue:

"Leslie, Bill had us doing a bunch of fly kicking drills at the beginning of a training cycle 4 years back. I did these so spiritedly, followed by some of those Nautilus machines where you alternately open and close your legs to resistance, i.e., chick exercises, anyhow, it got extremely painful to the point where I could hardly walk and any ... Read: More swimming was impossible. Injuries near the core really lay you up because all other muscles seem attached indirectly. I went to UPMC sports medicine clinic for an article and one of the top hip specialists in the world told me I'd inflammed my ileo-psoas muscle (filet mignon in cattle). He said to not do anything for 2 weeks to let the inflammation die down. I took his advice, and it did go away. But it was one of the scariest, and most foreign-to-me, sports injuries I have ever had. You got to avoid provocative actions that cause pain until the pain has totally gone away, then build back super gradually. Fake Dr. Jim who is actually right."

Scary stuff! The stretch I was doing was somelike like the machines he describes. Lay on back, lift leg straight up, and then move to the side so it's touching the floor. (Have to be pretty flexible to do this.) So, still think this, combined with all those starts I did at one, may be the culprit. Bit of a bummer, but I'll just deal with it.

Seeing my chiro at 4:00 to see what he thinks and for a tune up.

Other random thoughts:

1. Felt like utter crap today, probably also due to the pool temperature. Seems that Tall Paul is right that 7 days is the wrong amount to taper -- at least for a gradual taper. The only thing that felt decent was the easy speed fly.

2. Feel like I'm fairly on track with the taper plan. Reduced yardage just a bit this week, but increased easy swimming with only a bit of fast speed work.

3. I don't know if anyone else has felt this way, but when I'm tapering I get inexplicably lazy. I find myself thinking "why bother" or "do I really have to go fast at all?" This must reflect my sometimes all or nothing type personality.

4. It feels bizarre tapering as an self aware adult. Perhaps because I've only done long tapers a few times ... My only recollection from my age group days was that taper made me very happy because I wasn't pounding out mega yardage. I never really noticed or worried about the physiological changes. Now, I'm fretting about sleep, worrying about catching my kid's cold, monitoring shoulders. Glad I don't have to do this too often!

5. The taper bitchies have set it. I screamed at my computer this am, teared up when my daughter left for a travel swim meet and let go of an f bomb when I forgot to bring my inhaler to the pool.

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Updated February 10th, 2009 at 10:20 AM by The Fortress

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  1. jim thornton's Avatar
    Leslie, am i the inhaler your forgot to bring to the pool? If so, I can understand your frustration. By the way, there is special software on this site that blocks out the word ****. So you can actually say it as much as you want here. **** **** ****ity **** **** ****!

    Take your hip seriously. My rule of thumb that I try, but do not always, adhere to is this: If you are not used to doing A LOT of something recently, do not do A LOT of it now.

    PS I don't think the software guards against bad spellers, which seems to me a mistake. But let's try just for fun. I shall repeat my tirade above, but spelled wrong:

    fuc fuk feck fookity fouk fuk fik!
  2. Iwannafly's Avatar
  3. Iwannafly's Avatar
    Wow Jim. I didn't know that!
  4. ande's Avatar


    START doing CPP

    Championship Performance Prep

    take care of your hip
  5. The Fortress's Avatar
    I thought I was pretty much following your week one plan with just a bit more yardage, Ande? If not, f&$@/*!! Happy to call it CPP though.

    On the upside, I have no desire to run because it would hurt like hell and there would be even more of this feking and fuking going on.
    Updated February 6th, 2009 at 04:57 PM by The Fortress
  6. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jim thornton
    My rule of thumb that I try, but do not always, adhere to is this: If you are not used to doing A LOT of something recently, do not do A LOT of it now.
    Had to try this new quotey thing.

    Jim, just back from the chiro who warned that I should only do the hip rotators 1x a day or every other day or I would make myself too sore.
  7. quicksilver's Avatar
    I tried to taper before my last meeting. It was a horrible flucking experience.

    I was tired, sore, and drained on meet day (day seven). Needless to say I swam like flucking schit.

    Never again. It's 3 days or 3 weeks.
    I will now report my comments to the moderator.

    It's the right phucking thing to do.
  8. The Fortress's Avatar
    This thread is ficking cathartic for us all, I see.

    Very sorry your "meeting" was a flucking experience ... Next time, you'll know what the phuck you're doing.
  9. quicksilver's Avatar
    Yes, that's right.
    It was a swim meeting.
  10. The Fortress's Avatar
    You're just thinking ahead about what flucking fun it will be meeting us all at Rutgers, where hopefully we won't fek up.
  11. quicksilver's Avatar
    Yes. And I'll brush up on my potty mouth.
    It's next December if I'm not mistaken.
  12. quicksilver's Avatar
    Did you see all the hip pain ads below?

  13. The Fortress's Avatar
    OMG, that is flucking hysterical! lol
  14. quicksilver's Avatar
    The next ones are going to be for potty mouth.

    Like Tourettes or something along those lines.
  15. qbrain's Avatar
    I missed the feck fest.

    As for the rolling: It is amazing how much pain a noodle can put you through.

    In another thread, that wouldn't sound so dirty.
  16. The Fortress's Avatar
    I was pretty surprised how much that little noodlely fecker made my hip hurt. Just a shatload of inflammation in there, I guess.
  17. rtodd's Avatar
    Val, Leslie,

    Get some sleep. You're scaring me.
  18. SwimStud's Avatar
    You're farkin foul mouthed...
  19. jim thornton's Avatar
    Well played, Leslie. I see you have taken my tactic of siting you and Cream Puff in an effort to drive stalking male readership to my vlog. By mentioning Dr. Jim, who has a doctorate in ****ing studies, and can really show the girls how to **** his ****ing brains out, you have driven all sorts of female commentators to your blog. Let's see, there is...well, err, I mean, well, Rich is kind of feminine, don't you think?
  20. qbrain's Avatar
    I don't pretend to understand the physiology of how the roller works, I just know I love it afterward and hate it during.

    If you used it regularly, you would discover that things don't always hurt when you expect them to, and some things hurt that you had no idea even existed.
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