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It's a Wrap for January, Jan. 31

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by , January 31st, 2011 at 08:28 PM (2773 Views)

Just did a Rich A. slow mo recovery swim with fins:

700 various

10 x 100 @ 1:45
odds = backstroke
evens = backstroke kick

8 x 50 @ 1:00
odds = breast
evens = free

100 dolphin dive

Total: 2200 meters



I may have gone a wee bit crazy with drylands yesterday. Oddly, I thought it was a leg dominant workout, but my shoulders and back are much more sore (despite getting a mini massage from Mr. Fort). I guess med ball slamming and handstanding is a better upper body workout that what I've been doing in the gym? Anyhoo, I thought it best just to do a Rich A. slow mo type recovery workout to help flush lactic acid. We are expecting a wintery mix tonight. I just hope this doesn't foil my plans to HTFU and get in a sprint workout tomorrow.

Monthly FLOG Totals:

Swimming, 20x
31.68 miles/55,764 yards
17,525 yards kicking (31%)
4,525 yard race pace(8%)*

Weights, 8x
Cycling, 1x
Yoga, 10x

Total workouts = 39

* I define race pace to be between 90-100%, which would be my 50 or 100 pace. So these are all close to all out efforts.

This was a very solid month of training for me. I swam 4-5 times per week, which is my max, of fairly low yardage. If I swim more than that, I am not mentally sharp enough for AFAP efforts and some burnout sets in. I did many doubles (12) and took 1 day off each week. That's definitely the most yoga I've done in a month. 8x isn't too bad for drylands since I intentionally took one week off.

One more month of hard training, and then I plan to taper in March.

Upcoming Spring Meets/Tentative Events:

Warrenton Meet SCY, 3/6
(cruising in late for some speed work off the blocks)
100 breast (50 split)
100 IM

Albatross Meet SCM, 3/19
50 back
100 back
200 back (if needed)
50 fly

Colonies Zones SCY, 4/16
100 free (50 split)
100 back
50 fly
2 chick relays

Canadian Nats SCM, 5/20-22
possibility, still waiting for meet info

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  1. Water Rat's Avatar
    Impressive month by any measure. Great job.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Water Rat
    Impressive month by any measure. Great job.
    Thx Mark. It gets much easier to work out when the kids get older!