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by , February 1st, 2011 at 11:12 PM (684 Views)
Swam at Trousdale at 5:30am Even tho my "boss" says I can leave at 11:20 whether I have patients to be seen or not, we shall see what happens. I think I better swim this morning just to make sure I get a swim in today at all.

5 x 300 SKIPS
Adjusted "mother set"
4 x thru
5 x 100 -
4 on 1:30, 1 on 1:20 (50 breast)
3 on 1:30, 2 on 1:20 (50 breast)
2 on 1:30, 3 on 1:20 (50 breast)
1 on 1:30, 4 on 1:20 (50 breast)
150 EZ

I came back at lunch for a paltry 2200. I felt terrible - left my partner with two of my patients to see - of course DM also foisted one on her, so that added three to her load, and she had three to see of her own before I left. DM had four to see & gave one to her!! Plus, I actually didn't leave at 11:20, it was closer to 11:25 & I got there around 11:40, and really barely had time to swim 2200. Felt like I had to get out immediately to be back by 1:00, and I was about 3 minutes late (no big deal, no patients were in their rooms until 1:15 as usual, anyways. Worst thing was that M & DM worked all the way through til 1:00 (while I was swimming my lousy 2200), and hadn't had a break the entire time. Kinda like yesterday when we worked until 12:45, and were expected to start the afternoon patients at 1:00pm. Gotta get a new job, gotta get a new job. . .

9 x 100, 2 on 1:30, 1 x 2:00 stroke (3 x thru)
2 x 500 pyramid, first time IM, 2nd time free
300 EZ

Total for the day tho: 5850
, if you can believe that!

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