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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

My second meet as a Master

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20th Annual Valentines Love to Swim Classic: 2/19/11

100 Backstroke: 59.45 - my goal was to get under 1 minute!

100 IM : 1:04.06 - I wish I could be more efficient at the breaststroke.

50 Free: 24.37 - felt good, need to work on the turn.

100 Free: 53.45 - Super excited about this time - I was aiming for a 55.

I need to keep working on my stroke, as the back is off just a little due to poor hip rotation, which is preventing my left pull from getting as deep as it ought to be. Also, the 100 Free was my last event, and I sucked wind on the last lap - even some water due to a bad breath with 15 yards to go.

I have been working on some longer endurance sets with time intervals to keep pace - I try to get in two workouts a week hard (3600yds in 60 minutes) and then 1-2 more (2600 in 60 minutes) where I focus more on stroke work/drills/kicking.

Any ideas for helping my hips and shoulders to rotate together for backstroke would be appreciated!

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