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Too Neurotic to be Suitably Aquatic

Shortest FLOG entry to date

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225 yards.

25 free from the blocks
25 feet first sculling
25 free
25 fly
25 free
25 SDK 'til I SDCouldn't (made it almost half way!)
25 head-up drill with beach ball
25 SDK & free to the wall
25 relay start and hop out to take the world's fastest shower.

Yesterday, I was going to get up early and swim at the Y, but my body was telling me that sleep would do me more good in the long run, especially after guarding on Wednesday before AND after work (and having to take the lane lines out all by myself), and then guarding again on Friday morning for the team. Today's FISH practice was a "taper" for our relay carnival dual meet against the Gunks on Sunday.

The events for that meet are:
200 doggie paddle relay; 100 feet first relay; 200 medley relay; 150 ladder (25-50-50-25) relay; 400 free relay; 200 surprise relay; 200 free relay; 100 inner tube relay; 100 beach ball relay; some "all team" relay, probably non-scoring if time allows.

Practice was:

3x200 Swim, Kick, Pull

3x100 on 3:30 no breathing in & out of the flags

4x75 on 2:00 free / stroke / free

6x50 on 1:30

#1 free / your worst stroke
#2 free / your best stroke
#3 EZ / Fast
#4 Fast / EZ
#5 EZ

3 x (4 x 25 on :40):

#1 dog paddle
#2 head-up drill
#3 sculling
#4 breast stroke pull

as time allows: relay starts & feet-first work

All intended to better our chances at the meet on Sunday. During the last 10 minutes, I handed over my whistle to one of my co-horts and dove in to practice my starts and various other fun stuff, hence my 225 yard workout above. Oh MY, did that feel great! The clean, crisp, cool water of the Middle School pool is so far superior to the Y. Since I hate getting wet, I usually have a rule that 2,000 yards is the minimum once I've gotten in the water, but today, just that dive in alone was worth it. Also! That little workout bumped my FLOG to 111.11 miles, which is SO COOL.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Bard early AM to do a crazy 5,000 yard thing.
Yesterday, I walked and lifted at the gym and boy do my arms hurt.
Today, I'm going home after work and actively resting on my couch.

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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    The meet sounds really fun. Enjoy!