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Fly Day

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by , October 10th, 2008 at 04:40 PM (5876 Views)
I'm pretty sore and tired from training. I haven't had a day off since Sept. 26. Usually I take Saturdays off, but last weekend, a beautiful fall day and the lure of the running trail beguiled me. Really looking forward to taking tomorrow off! And I almost never say that. lol

Today was my scheduled day for doing a fly set to help my 100 fly. I'm trying to take the advice given in the "Training for the 100 Fly" thread. Was deciding between sets given to me by Cream Puff, Jeff Roddin and Greg Shaw. Decided to do Greg Shaw's 10 x 75 fly set. As you can see below, I gave myself a generous interval (as he suggested) to hold form. I used fins because there is no way I can swim that much fly without them without shoulder pain. I did this set in September, but had to alternate fly and one arm fly drill. This time, I did it all fly.

600 warm up
200 fly drills
4 x 25 build

10 x 75 fly on 2:00 with fins (held 49-50)
(probably should have done a 25 easy after each 75 rather than hanging on the wall)

200 EZ

3 x (5 x 50) on 1:00:

#1 backstroke:
1-3 descend
4, AFAP with fins (27-28)
#2 backstroke kick:
1-3 descend
4, AFAP with fins (27-28)
#3 backstroke:
1-3 DPS
4, AFAP with fins (27)
100 easy

Total: 2700

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  1. poolraat's Avatar
    This is an awesome workout. I'm going to use it next time I need a fly workout. I'll need fins to do it though, but I guess that's all right since you use fins too.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Old age has its perks.
  3. SwimStud's Avatar
    Floyd is very perky!