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Too Neurotic to be Suitably Aquatic

Working on Breathing

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Yesterday, went to the gym and tried out a new old-school lifting routine. Bench presses, squats, deadlifts. Except I go to Club Barney, and there's only two free-standing barbells available, and the hoopleheads* had already laid claim to it. So there were no deadlifts to be done yet. Still, the bench presses made me feel powerful. And we did some isometric work as well to keep those injury-prone muscles injury-free.

Top bench press weight: 65
Top Squat weight: 65

Swam at the Tarrytown YMCA today, with a workout adapted from a teammate. I liked it, a balanced mix of some IM work, which I tend to ignore in my desire not to swim as slowly as I can.

200 swim
10x50: 1&2, swim 3-6IMO, 7&8 build, 9&10 stroke
4x50 kick
100 pull

3x200 IM @ 3:45
4x75 @ 1:15
3x100 IM @ 2:00
4x50 @ :45
50 EZ
4x75 kick

200 warm down
4700 yards total

**I stuck to the interval on the first round through, but the second time around I started to ignore the clock, except for the one telling me how much longer until I had to catch the bus.

**Working on: no breathing between the flags, engaging my elbow at the catch, and turning my head as little as possible on the breath.

**Speed work was hard because that pool is HOT.

**Butterfly is starting to feel a little more natural, but like backstroke & breast, I'm not certain what I can do to pick up the pace, right now the only improvement I'm seeing is making it hurt less to do more.

In other news, I got an inhaler yesterday from my doctor, just in time for me to not really need it, as the wheezing of the past two nights went away on its own. No matter, now I'm just one prop closer to my dramatic one-woman interpretation of "The Goonies."

*The BF & I are currently watching Deadwood on DVD. It has gotten into my brain.

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