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Too Neurotic to be Suitably Aquatic

Weekend Updates

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Saturday I was lucky enough to swim at the CIA (not the spying one) with some of the fastest FISH. Even though they could swim circles around me, it was so great to be part of a team again! The practice was a challenge workout: add a 50, add 30 seconds:

750 warm up

50 on 1:10
100 on 1:40
150 on 2:10
200 on 2:40
250 on 3:10
300 on 3:40
350 on 4:10
400 on 4:40

Then there was 9x200 kick

As for me, I started missing the intervals by the end of the 200, and got through to the 350 plus a bonus 50 while the others finished the 400. Instead of doing the 200 kick, I did 150's of IM for a total of 4,000 yards for me.

Went to Bard, which was open on Easter, yeah! I'm not going to go into the whole story, but I ended up accidentally wearing a drag suit that was a size too big, and I think it made this swim harder. This is what we did, based on a Tall Paul workout:

2x200 swim / kick
8x25 (build, EZ, build, fast)

200 @ 3:00
8x50 @ :55
200 @ 3:15
6x50 @ :50
200 @ 3:30
4x50 @ :45
200 @ 3:45

100 recovery

choice set:
200 @ 4:30
8x50 @ :45
200 @ 4:15
6x50 @ :50
200 @ 4:00
4x50 @ :55
200 @ 3:45

6x100 kick

100 ez

4800 total

- For me, this was a non-stop workout, and I think I was being hindered by the drag suit, and the previous day's workout. I just barely made the 8 50's on :45 and squeezed out every yard of recovery on the 200's.

lifeguarded in the morning, I've got one more week before Coach comes back and I can swim with the team again.

After work, I tried out barefoot running again. I did the same mile as last time, and it was a little easier, but my lower calves/ankles still feel tight as all get-out. But no knee pain! Also an odd note: all the people I passed on the trail were friendly and said hello, except for a fellow barefooter in a pair of Vibram 5 fingers. Go figure.

Just wrote a big workout for myself for the Y tomorrow, just me and the clock again.

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