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Too Neurotic to be Suitably Aquatic

No clock, lots of IM

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HAPPY SWIMS to everyone going to Nationals! I'll be participating in the NYC Parks & Rec Commissioner's Cup Trophy Relay Meet on Sunday, which is a FREE meet, yee-haw! I don't think the stakes could be any different between these two meets. This morning, while I was swimming at the Y, which will be my last swim time until Sunday, it occurred to me that I should train for some of my events on Sunday. Except I can't remember what I signed up for, so I just did my workout. Which was as follows:

1000 warm-up
(250 drill, 500 swim, 250 swim with "open water" turns (turn at the flags, don't touch the wall.))

75 fly drill
50 back drill
25 breast drill

16x25, 1-8 head up, 9-16 catch up

#1: 25 fl, 50 bk, 50br, 75 fr
#2: 25 fl, 50 bk, 75br, 50 fr
#3: 25 fl, 75 bk, 50br, 50 fr

500 pull
2x300 IM (75 each stroke)
300 IM kick
6x100 pull
4x100 IM
150 EZ

5000 total

I don't know where I got this workout, but I had written it down as 5,000, but as I was swimming it I realized it was only 4,200, so I added the 500 and the extra 300 IM to round it out. It took a while because I didn't do any intervals at all, but I still managed to make it to the early bus.

Safe travels to AZ, and wherever you're going this weekend! (I can't wait to find out what I'm swimming on Sunday!)

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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Good luck at the meet tomorrow, whatever you end up swimming!
    I'm not going to be there after all--but I"m definitely looking forward to reading your account of it.