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Tatts I would get if I was a Tattist

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Perhaps you, like me, have been feeling a bit dour, or dower, today. Not terribly surprising--

Perhaps you, like me, also live in a part of the country where the meteorological forces are similarly conspiring to dampen your joie de vivre, though I must say Pittsburgh might be hard to beat on this cold and gray front:

(Note: I hear the Good Doctor Dickson saying that Salvation by Photons is an illusion; still, I must say that Death by Snowflake Burial is very real.)

There is, of course, all manner of idiosyncratic misadventure, familial and/or employment social dysfunction, and other causes for grief we each, in our own circumstances, can ladle endlessly out of the tureen of life's bouillabaisse gone septic!

Even the wicked, it's been suggested, get more than we deserve.

Still, what is the point in stewing?

One of the strategies very often suggested for extricating yourself from personal misery is to stop focusing upon yourself and instead do something nice for someone else. Call this selfishness via altruism.

I am going to give it a whack and see if it helps.

The other day, I happened across a potential new swimming friend of a swimming friend named Deborah Milan Brudvig, who only recently took up swimming. On the forums, her user name is SwimMuseDeb.

Anyhow, I discovered that Deborah is, among other things, a cello teacher and an artist. In her Facebook info, it gave the site where some of her artwork is sold: SwimMuse

Some of the stylized swimming designs really caught my eye--I think these are beautiful and capture the spirit of those who are able to flow like currents (see yesterday's vlog) in the Popovian waterworld.

Here are a couple examples:

Though I am not a tattoo kind of guy, plenty of my younger teammates are riddled with them--sharks, dolphins, carnations, etc. It occurred to me that if I were a tattoo kind of guy, I would definitely consider one of these slightly abstract designs.

I contacted Deborah about this and told her I didn't know how she could possibly get any money for it, but perhaps anybody who wanted to use one of Deborah's designs could make a voluntary contribution, a la Freeware or Shareware programs that altruistic software designers bequeathe to us all.

She said she wasn't a tattoo person either but would be happy for her work to reach a wider swimming audience.

Anyhow, check it out. Anyone who draws swimmers by day and teaches cellists by afternoon has to be a good egg. Note: if you or someone you know does get a tattoo like any of these, please let Deborah and me know!

Lordy, I am feeling better already.

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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    I will work on that asap....I like private tatoos!
  2. ViveBene's Avatar
    I did check out that site - utterly lovely stuff! I'll buy a nice canvas bag with "Four Seasons Swim" on it and fill it up with goodies! How refreshing to have a swimmer (and cellist!) make swim art.
  3. Bobinator's Avatar
    Wouldn't Spunky Po'Boy McPunkerton Thornton like a nice big tatt?.....Tatoo that is? He sounds a bit like a human canvas.
  4. Bobinator's Avatar
    QUICK JIMBY, go to ABC Nightline program....they are doing a spot shortly tonight on MOOBS...aka man Boobs!
  5. RustyScupperton's Avatar
    Happiness does indeed reside in the total immersion of oneself in selflessness. Is that right? No, it's the total immersion into mathematics that creates happiness. That's according to Bertrand Russell. And didn't you score 787 on your math SAT (back in the days when 800 was perfect?)
    Break out the old high school trig books, Inhaler!
  6. onefish's Avatar
    Perhaps Dr. Who offers an out:

    "All truth lies in numbers."

  7. SwimMuseDeb's Avatar
    You guys are something else. Hey Jim, thanks. I am making money from the art (hurray!) but it seems that free tattoos make sense. I have no idea why.
    Off topic---ever have an elbow problem from swimming? Man, I have to get back to the chiro. He's been helping me stabilize my shoulder muscles with some exercises (for fly in particular) and next was going to be arms...but I'm thinkin' this may have to do with my free catch on the left side...maybe not pulling back straight enough? (Chiro. thought something to do with sideways hand motion, something I kind of do if I'm getting S-like with my catch) ...anyway, just moaning. Sorry! Ow.
  8. SwimMuseDeb's Avatar
    And what's with this site's posting time? 2:08 PM? It's just after 9:00 AM!! Who's in charge here?
  9. Swimalison's Avatar
    YES! I want a swimming tattoo!!!!