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Thu Jul 21st, 2011 LCM

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Thu Jul 21st, 2011 LCM

swam easy this morning
not sure how far I went
maybe 2,000
did mostly easy 50's

Got the 400 IM tomorrow

Race Strategy
FL cruise it, breathe every stroke, barely kick
BK cruise it, easy speed, barely kick
BR fast bk to br turn, fast arms and legs with a decent pause after each kick
FR bring it home strong & 6 beat kick the last 75 or 50

went 5:10 last year,
5:02 in 2009 in B70,
4:54 SCM in Dec 2010,
4:18 scy in Mar 2011

Tyler and Ross are in my heat.
Ross is likely to
work the fl & bk, struggle through the BR and hammer the free.
probably need to be close at the 200 &
ahead at the 300

We'll see

2011 South Central Zone LCM Championships
Fri Jul 22 - Sun 24, 2011

Shenandoah, TX (Near the Woodlands just north of Houston) very Nice Pool


Meet Information

South Central LCM Zones: DAYS AWAY

Thu Jul 21st leave for Houston & catch American Idol Live

Fri Jul 22st meet begins at 4:00 pm
400 IM

Sat Jul 23rd
400 FR, 50 FL, 100 BR, 200 FL, 200 IM

Sun Jul 24th
100 FL, 50 BR, 200 BR, 50 FR, 800 FR

had an easier lineup then
decided to take a crack at the 400 fr, 800 fr, & 200 fl South Central Zone Mens LCM Records

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Good Luck !
  2. ande's Avatar
    thanks steve