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Who's Your Trinidaddian?

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We all swim for different reasons.

Yesterday, at the 1650 meet at Carnegie Mellon, I saw my old teammate from Team Pitt, the lovely and brilliant Mee Ra Ram Zook Singh (the last name pronounced like an exotic bird call: Ram Sook Sing!)

Here is a picture that shows Mee Ra's motivation for this meet:

Mee Ra, I should point out, is a descendant of former citizens of the island nation of Trinidad. She came to Pittsburgh to study neurobiology at the University, and then decided to double major in this subject plus German literature, with perhaps a snifter of Slavic languages thrown in for good measure.

She taught me how to say my now deceased father's favorite tennis expression:

Er, der ein Grab fr andere graben wrde, muss in ihm selbst liegen *

He who would dig a grave for another must lie in it himself

* I have lost Mee Ra's original, and better, translation and will have to ask her again. The above is from Babelfish, but I add it just to give you a sense of how my father hated it when an opponent on the tennis court tried trickery.

Mee Ra knows more about CRF and glutamate in rat brains than any dozen other people I have met in my life put together.

No wonder that I have trademarked a phrase to be used in conjunction with wonderful Meera-like individuals:

Who's your Trinidaddian!!!???

Anyhow, Mee Ra brought her camera to the meet, and I will paste in a few snaps of me, followed by a few snaps of her as a reward for those who must scroll past me to get to her:

Jimby models the 2009 T-shirt. He did not understand the design till someone explained it was the lap counter doohickey thing, double orange signifying the last length to go, staring back at you with not exactly sinister eyes.

On the back of the T-shirt, the meet record holders are honored with their times and age groups. This is the only T-shirt in the history of Thorntondom with the name Jim Thornton on it whereby said T-shirt is actually likely to be worn by people not exclusively named Jim Thornton.

Hope springs eternal. Last year, when Jimby swam the same event at CMU, his time would have made the TOP 10, but alas the meet was not sanctioned by USMS so his accomplishment evaporated into the ether. This year, his slower time is very, very unlikely to make the TOP 10, but it would have squeaked in last year, so he fills out the paperwork necessary to get credited for what is likely to be, at best, a TOP 17 placement.

Lovely rat brain scientist "who's your Trinidaddian?" Slavic vodkaphile, Mee Ra, does an excellent impression of Latika from Slumdog Millionaire.

Who's Your Trinidaddian, indeed????

Mee Ra lookalike and Gunga Jimby wannabe before the Polish Vodka celebration begins.

Final super exciting Vlog promotional note for those who have waded down this far!!!!

To wit, Thornton Twins Productions is thinking of starting a regular MUST SEE TV feature available only here on Vlog the Inhaler Video:

Sunday Night Movie Feature Extraordinaire

It was scheduled to premiere last night, but then we realized that the Oscars were on, and we didn't want to draw too many viewers away from the Industry with whom we have the same intense Love Hate relationship as a dependent infant who is A) starving and B) lactose intolerant has with the teat of a voluptuary.

So, the premier of A Tale of Two Jimby's is being postponed till tomorrow night.

Set your clocks and calendars, please!

Sunday Night Movie Feature Extraordinaire

officially premiers this Tuesday, February 24th, sometime most likely in the evening.

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    You might get in there for the 1650. You fellow age grouper, Jim Ryan didn't go under 20 minutes this weekend and I think that you have the fastest time in your age group so far this season.

    Love the design of the T-shirt. I need that design as my wallpaper for my computer, my phone, etc.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Meera's quite lovely.

    Catching up on your vlogs. You have got me beat hands down in the hypochondriasis match up! My only complaint at Auburn was severe insomnia. I didn't even imagine any pain emanating from various joints, muscles, etc. or nascent illnesses. I was almost the picture of equanimity. lol. (I did consider scratching the 100 fly for one fleeting instant. But I remembered your instructions to step on the block no matter how I felt.)

    I'm glad you didn't get "chicked" by Marla.

    Are you going to Y Nats? I don't think a B70 is in your future, as they are sold out everywhere but OZ. Be bold and try AquaZone's Renegade, the B70 wannabe suit with possibly better stitching. Now they could use some publicity! Get on it, or all that soy consumption may be for naught.

    See, e.g.,

    Here's the manufacturer website:
    Updated February 23rd, 2009 at 10:58 PM by The Fortress
  3. jim thornton's Avatar
    I am not absolutely positive, but I think Carl Goldman, who won the event, may have designed the tshirt, too. I will try to find out and get him to post a reply here. Thanks Tom.
  4. tjrpatt's Avatar
    I was at my local swim store last week and they said that had the B70s.

    You can order online.
  5. jim thornton's Avatar
    Leslie, you are a fountain of suit lore. Renegades, eh? I gotta go to bed. A human being was not built to take this much stress without beginning to ejaculate blood from his pores! Hold on a second. I am feeling a little sweaty on the forehead.!
  6. RustyScupperton's Avatar
    I agree with the lovely comment. There really is a lovely Latika-like quality to that resplendent ratologist!
    Jai Ho!
  7. jim thornton's Avatar
    Thanks, Tom, for your encouragement; Leslie, for your kind words about my not getting "chicked" (though, truth be known, I would love to get chicked before too much time passes and my epidydimis explodes with ancient two-headed gimps that seem to generate fasters than my system can eliminate them: CreamPuff, are you reading this?; and finally, thanks to Rusty, who is the best that is or ever could be, the absolute best, my twin, my brother, my Johnnyboy.
  8. onefish's Avatar
    Great post, congratulations on your race, love the personal profiles of interesting people.
    I bailed and never entered the 1650 in our own local offering prior to zones.
    And your ratio has zoomed to 7.84!
  9. jim thornton's Avatar
  10. jim thornton's Avatar
    Thanks! I am waiting for another 21 seconds....
  11. jim thornton's Avatar
    7.84 indeed!
  12. jim thornton's Avatar
    Just for the record, Who's Your Trinidaddian has received 6050 hits since it was first posted on Feb. 23, 2009. This puts it in second place, I am pretty sure, on Vlog the Inhaler All-Time Greatest Hits Parade.
  13. jim thornton's Avatar
    Just wanted to note this vlog has thus far gotten 7541 hits. Not that I am counting.