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A four-swimsuit day!

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Today I swam the Betsy Owens 2-mile cable swim in Lake Placid. It was a beautiful clear morning. I breakfasted while watching the sun rise over the lake. After some stretching I put on the first swimsuit of the day and headed over for an early warmup on the course. It was nice swimming along the cable course before it got crowded. The lake was peaceful and oh so glorious to be in.

As I was getting out I saw my friend Carolyn from FISH masters, which made me happy. I ran my moonlight swim idea by her, and she seemed up for it. Hurray! As I was drying off I met up with teammates from AGUA and TNYA. I was glad to see everyone had made it up ok.

I changed into my second suit of the day, and soon we lined up for the race. I had the fastest seed time in the fourth wave of swimmers, so I started right by the cable and stayed there pretty much the entire four laps. I didn't find anyone to draft off of, but at each buoy turn I could see a mob of folks behind me. I didn't mind--I'm usually happy to give up the chance to draft for the opportunity to swim in clear water without people all around me. I did expect that I might get passed up on the last length or at the finish, but that didn't happen.
I finished in 49:17, which placed me 18th overall (I was seeded 31st), 5th woman, and 1st my age group. It felt like a well paced swim, and I was pretty spent by the end.

After the picnic and awards (age group winners got the traditional loaf of bread) I got to swim again with my friend Fran. We're well paced and stroked along the length of the course in synch. I also made plans for a swim tomorrow morning with others who are staying over.

Readers who are keeping track might notice that I've only mentioned three swims, and hence only three swimsuits. Where is the fourth promised in the title? It is yet to come. I'm meeting up with a half dozen other swimmers this evening at ten for a moonlight swim in Mirror Lake, as long as the weather cooperates. I've never swum outdoors at night--it should be a thrill. Please clouds stay away a little longer!

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Nice going! Another weekend meant another national title for you.
  2. Bobinator's Avatar
    Awesome swimsuit addict! I can't wait to her about your moonlight swim!
  3. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Thanks! It was a good swim and a fun day!