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Too Neurotic to be Suitably Aquatic


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I've had a pool-centric weekend. Lifeguarding at the middle school, coaching the kiddies, got a swim in, and today I got a swim in, and I'm on the way to teach a swim lesson.

This is what I swam yesterday afternoon at Vassar:

1000 warm-up:
4x25 swim
4x50 rev. IM order
4x75 kick, drill, swim, IMO
4x100 on 2:00

3x125 (75 IMO +50 free) (25 recover)
3x100 (50 IMO + 50 free)
3x75 (25 IMO + 50 free) (25 recover)
3x75 (25 IMO + 25 free)

3x100 @ 1:45
3x100 @ 1:35
3x100 @ 3:00 (made it on 1:21, 1:20, 1:22)

3x100 kick: 50 fly, 50 flutter

300 breathe every 3
200 breathe every 2
100 breathe every 7

100 play

I had 3 important goals for this workout:

1) figure out the fly. I have the kind of stroke where I pause and glide at the top of the stroke, and I'm trying to teach myself not to let my hands stop there. I can make it work on one or two strokes, especially if I don't breathe. I think it works best when I can change the timing of my kick. But sometimes my hands just slip through the water.

2) making those 100's as fast as possible, which I decided would take extra rest. I was happy that I got all those 100's in under 1:30, and in under 1:25 when I really cooked them. Eventually, I'd like to see if I can do that without the extra rest.

3) Alternate side breathing! I'm starting to feel some issues with my right shoulder, and I chaffed my neck on the 1650 last weekend after mostly breathing on my right. I took the last 600 of the workout as slow as I could to keep myself from cheating.

Earlier today, I swam 2000 over at the CIA. The pool was over 80 degrees and I was falling way behind on my turns, so me and my swim buddy stopped the written workout, and focused on some turning drills. I think I might have had a small breakthrough by getting my feet lower on the wall so I can push off deeper in the water. I can't wait to see if it works in practice!

Off to teach some eight-year-olds how to do legal breaststroke!

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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    My preferred mode of fly sounds a lot like yours--very glidy, with a pause at the top of the stroke. When I want to work on doing a faster fly I (1) make my entry much wider, significantly outside my shoulders, and (2) make my pulls very shallow, and (3) switch from every-stroke-breathing to every other stroke. That helps me establish a faster rhythm with minimal gliding, and from there I can experiment with making the catch a little narrower and the pull a little deeper until I find what's optimal. Just a suggestion!

    I like your IM set--might steal it tomorrow!
    Updated November 6th, 2011 at 07:45 PM by swimsuit addict
  2. swimmerb212's Avatar
    I love gliding. I've also come to realize that's also my #1 teaching technique to the kiddies.

    If I can get the fast stroke down, that will be nice to add to the repertoire for sprints and keep the gliding for anything 50 yards or longer. I hope you enjoy the IM set! I think that's a keeper for another time.