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Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton

Last Goblet 'o Soy

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Tomorrow, I get my estrogen checked.

I think we all are saying a silent prayer that the results turn out as God and the United Soybean Association and CremePuff hope they will, and not as a growing cadre of researchers, the Israeli Health Ministry, and one fired FDA whistle blower fear they might.

In tonight's short film, you might detect a hint of lugubriousness. This, I cannot in all honesty blame on the soybean or its phytoestrogenic fungicidal contents, genistein, daidzen, and equone. There are, as always, other reasons for this dearth of mirth.

In any event, I shall sign off forthwith to present what could be my final address as a normal man.

Soon enough we shall know if Jimby the She-Male will be vlogging in the near future, and if same Jimby the She-Male will be lobbying USMS hard for the rights to swim in the female divison, 55-59 year old age group, and in so doing cream CremePuff in a way that the 100 percent male morph of Jimby could only dream of doing in the darkness of his private night.

[ame=""]YouTube - Video 14[/ame]

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  1. Iwannafly's Avatar
    It's unfortunate that the powers that be won't allow YouTube access here at work, for I will have to wait until returning home this fine evening to watch the short film by Senor Jimby!
  2. flippergirl's Avatar
    Waiting patiently for the results of your research and who wouldn't want to publish such a study. Best of Luck!
  3. quicksilver's Avatar
    You don't seem to enjoy this beverage. Or am I misinterpreting?

    Look forward to your article. I've been drinking soy for years.
    (No, I do not look like Ellie May.)

    Good luck with your story.