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Year Three: The Road Back

Back to Normal....

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by , November 28th, 2011 at 12:42 PM (865 Views)
While I really enjoy Thanksgiving, there is something to be said to getting back to "normal" - with practices at the normal time and the kids back to school (and earlier bedtimes).

Thursday's Thanksgiving practice was a mad dash for lane space. There must have been 55-65 people there because all 10 lanes had at least 5 people - with some lanes as many as 7. It was good practice, but with so much turbulence, my stroke - and therefore my shoulder - got messed up.

Friday's practice (one of 4 that day) was also really well attended, but I managed to get in a lane with only one other person. Much better turbulence-wise, but my shoulder was aching and I elected to kick some of the free set in order to rest my shoulder.

Saturday, I did an easy 4400 swim that alternated between kicking and free. I really worked on my stroke mechanics for the free and my shoulder didn't ache as much at the end.

Sunday was a total day off. Woo-hoo!

Here's what we did today:
400 Warm-Up
8 x 50 Drill / Swim on 1:00
12 x 50 Kick on 1:10, did as 1>4, 5>8 w fins, 9-12 NO FINS - made them!
1 x 100 Fist Drill on 2:00
1 x 100 Free on 1:30
2 x 100 All Drill on 2:00 (did both catch-up)
2 x 100 Free on 1:30
3 x 100 All Drill on 2:00 (did catch-up, fist, catch-up)
3 x 100 Free on 1:30
4 x 100 All Drill on 2:00 (catch-up, fist, catch-up, fist)
1 x 100 Free on 1:30
100 Cool-Down
Total Yards - 3200

I was actually pretty happy on the kick without fins, but I know that I need to do the kick sets sans fins more often. The 1:10 interval today made it an easy decision. So... yay for me!

As to the rest of it... a pretty easy way to ease into the week. I managed to hold 1:20-1:22s on my 100 Free's without much shoulder ache. Happy with that. Of course, my shoulder is aching now as I sit at my desk.

Tomorrow's distance day may become more of a kick-fest. I guess only time will tell.....

Enjoy your swims today!

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