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Saturday 12/10/11: NEM SCM Champs

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I headed out this morning spot on 6am for the 3 hour drive to Boston, with my daughter as copilot for the meet at BU. Having messaged aztimm and others yesterday, I texted him to sign me in for the 400 FR as this closed at 9:15. Good thing, as I got to the pool about 5 minutes later - thank you very much, Tim!

I got in an easy warmup, as my goal for this meet was in line with this season - get times by not to duplicating events and see how close those scy -> scm conversion tools are. I did:
200 FR/200 bk/100 Fly drill, some 50 swim/kicks, two sprints from blocks and another 200 at the end (around 1000m).

I met up with aztimm before after warmups and thanked him again for checking me in. I think I ran into Fort and Stud after the 400, then slknight dropped in before noon and said hi. I also said hi to mrubacky (missed him at the Riverton meet) along with some of the folks from Maine, Cape Cod, and Pittsfield that I have met at other meets.

The meet is being run through swimphone here: so you can check out everyone's results. I have linked my results below:

400m Free: Goal: 4:55.Swam: 4.51.57
- Felt really good. I tried not to go out too fast and settled into a strong two beat kick with DPS strokes. I was hoping to obtain consistent, even splits but that did not happen so much! I has happy to negative split it, and it was nice that someone counted my laps for me - still not sure what kind soul did that.
(200y w/d)

100m IM: Goal: 1:13. Swam: 1.11.62
- I had a strong underwater with the start, and even stayed under 5 more meters than I planned. In typical fashion, I had a strong first 50, then tanked the breaststroke leg. My buddy Jim from the Cape shouted at me to "stretch" but I still struggled through. Someday I will invest the time to figure that stroke out ...
(100y w/d, a long couple of hour break, then a quick 100y w/u before...)

50m Free: Goal: under 27. Swam: 26.88
- This felt good, but I had a bad turn and didn't stay underwater past the flags on the final lap. Oh well, I am still really happy with this.
(200y ez)

200m Back: Goal 2:25. Swam 2:24.82
- I had a decent start and good underwaters for the first 100. I was definitely searching for the walls at the 25y mark, as I seemed to float forever into the wall. I tried to ramp it up heading into the half way point, but I could not get my turnover turning over. My turns in the second half were lackluster, proving I need more conditioning for this distance. But I am super excited about this time!
(100y w/d, then out)
(1750scm, 700 yds total for the day)

My meet is over for now, as I am back in Vermont and getting ready to hit the hot tub before work tomorrow. Overall I felt very fast and happy I made the trip down today to swim, and watch some other really fast swimmers. My daughter met up with a friend and checked out the school more than our tour this summer allowed.

Again, it was great to meet more of the forumites and check in with other friends at the meet, especially a great 200 Breast between aztimm and Stud and Susan rocking the 200 Fly. Everyone is helpful in answering my questions about training and competing. I am turning my attention to a "squad meet" this coming Tuesday at my home pool that I will be running - trying to get other swimmers in the area to "catch" the competition bug like me for next year.

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Updated December 11th, 2011 at 11:28 PM by rxleakem

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice meet. Great swims (on everything except the 200 Back which you have now bumped me further down the list and I probably won't make TT anymore and will cry and cry and....)

    I still am looking for a backstroke transplant donor for my 400 IM...keep me in mind.
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    haha - sorry, man. I had to go for it! I could have done a tad better splitting on the 400fr, but I wanted to keep a little extra in the tank for that last event. I'll keep you in mind, though.
  3. jaadams1's Avatar
    your 200 Back was faster than the first 200 of your 400.
    ???? WTH??
  4. rxleakem's Avatar
    Actually, both splits in the 400! Whoops! Guess I swam that at 200 back target pace. (I think that if I really attacked the 400, my back time would have suffered too much, so I took it easy - too easy. I'll remember that for next time)
  5. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    What a great day of racing! Nice work.
  6. Speedo's Avatar
    Nice swimming!
  7. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks guys. I imposed a taper heading into the meet, and felt really strong in the water. It felt establishing my goal times for this year, and watching/talking with other folks in order to keep improving.
  8. jbs's Avatar
    Nice swims! Looks like you had a good meet
  9. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks John. I had a great day, and that pool is nice. Finally got to meet Susan, too!