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The worst present ever

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That is how I felt after I opened my main set today.

[nomedia=""]YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present - YouTube[/nomedia]

Lifetime SCM

Warm up
- 400 free
- 200 back
- 200 kick
- 200 back
Sprint Set
- 6x25 12.5 sprint/12.5 ez on 60
LT Set
- 6x100 on 6:00 broken at the 50 and 75 for 15s
-- 1:01, 1:01, 1:00, 1:00, 1:01, 1:01
-- 100 ez back during rest
Cool down
- 150 ez

The very first one hurt about as much as I expected the 6th one to hurt. That was a rude start to my Christmas Eve set.

I was very happy with the set and was finishing the 50 at 30 high/31 low consistently to the point I think the differences in the first 4 was based on the couple tenths variance in my push off. Couldn't crack a 15 on a 25 today. The last two I felt like I was dragging and the 31s were probably no longer low.

Focused on the kick, but didn't really have the kick I wanted on the last 25s. My kick also seems to build during the 50 and my most productive kick seems to start around the 35 or just after the breakout transitions to normal. Something to work on during sprints.

Merry Christmas Christmas celebrators.

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