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A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming

Tuesday, 1/3/12

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by , January 4th, 2012 at 11:54 AM (519 Views)
SCY with swim buddy

I was a bit tired and sore. This started out like it was going to suck, I felt like I was dying on the 1st set, but after that set, the rest of the workout went really well!

Warmup (900)
500 choice did 1/2 free and 1/2 back
100 kick on back 100 pull free w/buoy only 100 drill 1 arm and fist, free & back 100 swim free, build

Main Set #1 (700)
Repeat 2x
Continuous swim
100 easy free
25 FAST stroke
75 easy free
25 FAST stroke
50 easy free
25 FAST stroke
25 easy free
25 FAST stroke
did fly for stroke 25's on round 1 and back on round 2, the fast 25's weren't very fast but faster than the free so I guess it was ok.
took about 30 sec rest between rounds

Main Set #2 (900)
9 x 100 free; 3/1:40, 3/1:35, 1 min rest, 3/1:30
went 1:20-21 on #1-6, then 1:22-1:24-1:24 on #7-9

Kick Set with fins (300)
6 x 50/1:30
25 UW SDK/25 surface kick in streamline.
Did UW SDK both on back and face down, surfacing at the flags, on 2nd 25 alternated flutter and dolphin
times were 40-45

Warm Down
100 easy free

Total: 2900 yards

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  1. jswim's Avatar
    worse considering all that backstroke! Blech!