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1/30/12: Keeping up with the Jones (OHS)

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Solo at Rec (scy)

Went the way of the Pony Express today with a one hour swim, and was happy to hear some Waylon Jennings shuffle through on the swimp3 during the "race."

I finished this year with 4275 yards (and 11 seconds to spare), above my expectations of 4k.
Looking at this pace chart, it averages out to a 1:25/100. Last year I swam 3800 yards (avg ~ 1:35/100), but I stopped more frequently and did some kicking as well.

The swim felt good. I got this morning and had a pb granola bar with a half water/oj drink and headed to the pool after dropping my son off at school. I should have completed this swim by now, but kept putting it off. I can't do it tomorrow, so I needed to either get it in this am or at lunch. The pool was not to busy this morning, so after a 50 easy I started in. Only today and tomorrow to get your Postal on!

I might have been able to squeak in an extra 200 yards, but I stopped once to talk to Scott about the Simon's Rock meet in early March , and I was slowed down at one point when there were 6 of us swimming in the lane. The one guy going elementary back down the middle was annoying, but I just kicked really hard the second time I went around him and he moved over to the next lane (come to think of it, I think I blogged about him before ...)

My 500 splits were: 5:54.15, 6:43.53, 6:29.75, 7:08.90, 7:39.88 (I was talking here), 6:45.65, 7:42.44 (did a bunch of backstroke here), 7:14.59. I stopped for a quick water gulp around minutes 12, 32, and 44, then polished off my water bottle as I hit the showers.

When I got home I shoveled off the driveway - we finally received some more snow (an inch of powder) last night, but it won't last long with a rain shower due in Wednesday. I've been using an online fitness/calorie app that I can access on my phone, and in the past two weeks dropped 10 pounds. I used to just swim as an excuse to eat a lot of junk, but with documenting all the crap I notice I am not going for it as much. Amazing how much sugar is in the things we eat - I can be under my calorie and fat goals for the day but always blow the sugar. I am down to 198, and would like to drop another 10 so that my BMI <25. I don't plan to sink as quickly over the coming months.

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Updated January 30th, 2012 at 07:50 PM by rxleakem (Doesn't count for a meet)

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  1. knelson's Avatar
    I was slowed down at one point when there were 6 of us swimming in the lane
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but do you realize the rules state that no more than two can share a lane and if you do share you must not circle swim (i.e. you must split the lane)?
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    Crap ...

    Oh well, better luck next year for me. I still am pleased with the yardage, and that I read your post Kirk before I entered the event online.

    Sorry team NE, I'll be on the ball next year.
  3. knelson's Avatar
    The rules make it pretty difficult to do the swim on your own, but I can see the reasoning. Obviously they don't want people drafting. The guy doing elementary back in your lane probably didn't confer you an advantage, but the rules are the rules!
  4. slow's Avatar
    Good swim anyway! I couldn't find a counter so I am out as well.
  5. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks slow. If nothing else, this event serves as a nice snapshot of where we are in this particular season, and for me a good comparison when OW training gets into high gear after spring champs.
    I guess this year I got nothin', and next year will be somethin' else
  6. GregJS's Avatar
    Hey nice swim! Bummer that it's not "official" - but keep in mind that you got me to do it, and I definitely wouldn't have done it otherwise, so in that sense you still contributed to the team total.
  7. ViveBene's Avatar
    Congratulations on a big bump up in yardage from last year! No one can take that away.
    (The logistics do seem a bit difficult if your swimming pod doesn't dedicate a time slot to it.)
  8. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks GS and VB - I'm very pleased with the effort.

    On a side note, I'm going to pull the trigger and see if there is still room in the Kingdom Swim for me
  9. mcnair's Avatar
    Great swim under less than optimal conditions (to say the least)!

    On the weight, I used to run a lot and then just pig out on everything in sight... I hit 38 and found I needed to either run a lot more or eat a lot less to maintain the same weight. Also, I dropped about ten pounds this summer when I started eliminating high fructose corn syrup... it's in everything now and it seems to increase appetite. I read my labels pretty carefully now that I'm in the 40+ bracket.
  10. ViveBene's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rxleakem
    On a side note, I'm going to pull the trigger and see if there is still room in the Kingdom Swim for me
    Phil just added some spots to the 10-miler, and the 6-miler has plenty of places.
    It's a pretty spot - swim around islands, past boathouses, church spires in distance, slightly hilly - if not as pretty as Middlebury.
  11. rxleakem's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ViveBene
    Phil just added some spots to the 10-miler
    I just got confirmation that I am in for the 10 mile swim!
    Weird, my shoulders just starting aching ...