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Sometimes Military Medical Sucks

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by , February 9th, 2012 at 11:55 AM (333 Views)
* I thought I had an MRI scheduled for tomorrow but upon calling them today to confirm it I found out it was moved to next Thursday. WTH?

* I'm not mad about them changing the date - but what does irk me is that it will be a month since being seen by the doc that I get the MRI done. It will be two months before getting into physical therepy.

* Being active duty CG I use a Navy Clinic on board a Marine Corps base for medical - one of the guys who works for me switched from this same clinic to a civilian PCM. He also has shoulders issues - went to his PCM who had him on an MRI machine in less than a week.

* Granted - I liked my Navy doc quite well but she PCS'd out of her job the day after she saw me so whenever I go back I have to deal with a whole new doctor. These Navy docs are usually young and inexperienced so when I get one I really like I try my best to stick with them.

* I'm basically getting back to swimming in the blind with this shoulder issue because of all the lag time involved on the MRI and therapy. The problem is that I'm going insane and getting fat because I'm barely working out. Unfortunately I have a job that requires that I'm sane and thin - which is why I'm taking a chance on starting swimming back up.

*I basically have to wait till I get MRI results back before I can bump up the intensity in the pool - which sucks.

* When this shoulder thing is done I may switch to a civilian PCM...

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