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24 miles behind

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by , February 13th, 2012 at 10:50 AM (323 Views)
* My goal was to get to 365 miles swum by the end of the year. As of now I'm 24 miles behind. I jumped out to a good start - was ahead of the game by a few miles before my shoulder injury set in. Once I'm back up to speed I think I should be able to catch back up and make it to my goal by the end of the year. Funny thing - I thought I wasn't going for enough when I originally made it...

*Today's 1600 yd work out:

100 warm up
3x100 (kickxswimxkickxswim) - 2 m int
8x25 free w/o fins (40 s int)
4x50 free w/ fins (1 m int)
4x50 kick (1 m int)
2x50 free w/o fins (1 m int)
2x50 free w/fins (1 m int)
3x100 (kick/swim/kick/swim) - 2 m int

* I'm slowly starting to drop the fins from portions of the work out. Will try to do a little more with each workout in the future.

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