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uh oh

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by , February 15th, 2012 at 07:37 PM (277 Views)
* Went to play basketball today and whenever I went to shoot the ball my right arm felt light jelly. I mean there was just no strength whatsoever in that arm to shoot with. I couldn't believe it - this has never happened to me before.

* MRI is tomorrow - if it comes up negative I will be extremely surprised.

* Starting to up the yars today - slightly. Also starting to swim with the fins less. here is the workout:

1700 yds

100 warm up
2x50 kick/swim(w/o fins)*
2X50 kick/swim (w/fins)
2x50 kick/swim (w/o fins)
2x50 kick/swim (w/fins)

4x50 kick
4x50 free w/fins

2x50 free (w/o fins)
2x50 free (w/fins)
2X50 free (w/o fins)
2X50 free (w/fins)

3x100 (k/s/k/s) - 2 min int
100 warm down

*all 50s in workout on a 1 min int

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