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Friday, Feb. 24

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by , February 24th, 2012 at 05:07 PM (1357 Views)

45 minutes slow, mostly continuous swim.

ART, 30 min


Woke up feeling tuckered out despite a good night's sleep, so no lactate workout for me today. It was probably unrealistic anyway, as I've done 3 hard speed workouts this week.

I'm feeling a little panicky about my left shoulder. It's been bothering me for weeks now, despite faithfully doing my RC and scapular exercises. (Did another round just last night). Worried that I'm on the verge of tendonitis. ART doc says probably not yet, but that I have inflammation in the subscapularis, teres and lower infraspinatus area. I have a very tight supraspinatus as well. I wonder if not going to yoga is a culprit there? The ART session was one of the more painful I've had lately. He says I'll be sore for a couple days. I need more Aleve!

I did make a precautionary appt with my pain doc for March 8.

I'm still blaming my elbows for causing this problem. However, I wonder if the failure to take a recovery week may have contributed some? I am going to be resting some between now and Match 17, so perhaps that will help.

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