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Tuesday, March 6

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Swim/SCY w/Speedo:

-- with fins (they have been permanently attached lately with shoulder/rhomboid issue)

600 various

200 caterpillar fly before and while checking out Speedo's 200 back splits.

6 x 25 no breather free @ :40
50 EZ
6 x 25 back shooters @ :40
50 EZ
5 x 25 burst + cruise @ 1:00
50 EZ

2 x (25 AFAP w/fins + 50 EZ) @ 2:00
-- back shooter (8), free (10 flat-low)

1 x 50 fly AFAP w/fins
-- no breather
-- 22 mid, fastest practice time
175 EZ

Total: 1750


I had planned on doing about 2500, and would have preferred more warm up and IG (Il Garbagio). But I could not seem to eject myself from the house to arrive at the pool earlier. And of course I had to chat with Speedo. Very happy with the 50 fly time. I think my breakouts were good.

I have no end lanes for the Albatross meet!

Dashed out very quickly to get a much needed massage. Last time, I got a deep tissue and my shoulder/rhomboid immediately felt better. I didn't want a deep tissue with the meet on Saturday. And my shoulder/rhomboid area still feels achey now. Grr ... I see my ART doc on Thursday. I'm going to ask for a scrip for a contrast MRI. I would need one of those prior to PRP anyway. After 2 solid years of shoulder pain from 2006-08, I am a wuss/baby/whiney sprinter on this issue and will not take a non-interventionist route. (Sorry Jimby) It seems like it's been a good 2 months of it.

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Updated March 13th, 2012 at 11:01 PM by The Fortress

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  1. Speedo's Avatar
    You scared the crap out of me on that fast 25 free- came up like a torpedo during my Garbagio.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Speedo
    You scared the crap out of me on that fast 25 free- came up like a torpedo during my Garbagio.
    Maybe IG will become a well-accepted acronym on the order of SDK or AFAP. I think next week I will refer to IG in the HIT thread. That should freak everyone out. I guess I would have to add it to the glossary.
  3. jim thornton's Avatar
    Please give IG credit to the two James and one Doc for this term.

    Doc Councilman who coined it, or at least told his distance swimmers like James Kegley to swim it occasionally.

    James Kegley, who, under patient inquiry, was able to reconjure up the expression from his memory banks.

    And perhaps most importantly, Fake "Doc" James Thornton, who cajoled and coaxed the legendary Mr. Kegley into remembering and sharing with us all the expression.

    And ancillary kudos, of course, to you and Pete, who have abbreviated it brilliantly to IG, for il garbagio.

    Pete, you might find the following somewhat amusing from my younger years, when an editor agreed to let me swim for several days in the Gulf Stream, but I was then advised not to do so because of the razor sharp recursive teeth of pelagic sharks.

    Oh, how young and naive I was back then!
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    We sprinters appear to be the biggest fans of your IG!