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I'm done - hopefully

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* Just saw my physical therapist today and she basically told me I am out of the woods concerning this spine/neck injury. Coulnd't have gotten better news. No surgery and I'm feeling good as I steadily and slowly continue to increase my yards.

* I missed posting my last couple of work outs though Sunday's was fairly straight forward - four 500s and then 12 100s for 3200 yards.

*Today's workout:

200 warm up

4x400 free

12x100 free (ev fourth back) (1:45 int)

200 warm down

3200 yds total

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  1. jswim's Avatar
    congrats on being 'out of the woods'! I don't know what happened, but returning to normal workouts without having to worry about an injury has to be pretty exciting!


    love the screen name by the way.
  2. Darth Daver's Avatar
    thanks jswim...