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Thursday 04052012, AM Track + Swim

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had a nice little back-to-back double workout this morning--

Chandler Hamilton HS track 3.02 mi 00:25 08:26 pace

Met up with Carl C K. at the Hamilton High School track here in Chandler for a little run. I hadn't run outside since my last injury in late Jan (I had done some gym treadmill runs), and had no idea how I'd feel. Although I've swum at the nearby pool, I had never been on the track before and was pleasantly surprised--it had a nice spring to it, but not overly soft. Did about 4-5 laps of an easy jog, then did my laps with mostly easy with a faster ~100m on the straightway, about 6-8x. Then just did an easy 2 laps. The only downside was the big lights weren't on, it was a little dark at first (5:30), but plenty light when we finished.
Distance: 3.02 mi
Time: 25:31
Avg Pace: 8:28 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 0 ft
Calories: 404 C
Avg Pace: 8:28 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 8:24 min/mi
Best Pace: 6:58 min/mi

then after that, we went to the pool, right next door (super convenient). here's what I did--

warm-up set (all continuous):
200 free
50 breast
3 x (75 free/25 breast)
50 free

kick set:
6 x 50 @ 1:15, board only (some intervals weren't quite that as I chatted a bit)
6 x 50 @ :55, fins + board

100 easy

main set 1:
5 x 200 @ 3:00, descend 1-5 (went from 2:45 down to 2:33. Carl did 150s, and my goal was to out-touch him on the last )

100 easy

main set 2:
6 x 50 breast @ 1:00, descend 1-3, 4-6 (went 45 down to 42, 44 down to 40, Carl did free with me)

100 easy

pull set (solo):
10 x 100 @ 1:20 (mostly just cruised these, pushed the last few for some 1:12 or faster)

200 w/d various

TTL: 4000 yards

pool was pretty busy, but there was an open lane when we got there. we shared very briefly, then a woman on the side got out, and I quickly moved over. good thing, as for a while several lanes had 2, but we both managed to survive solo

I always like swimming with others, and in the past Carl and I had done the 200/150 combo, and it worked well again today for timing. I was going to do pull after that, but seemed like Carl wanted a little more, so I suggested the 50s, and I could always use some good breaststroke sets (I really pushed to stay ahead of him).

was surprised my legs didn't feel too trashed...until that breast set. something about the whip kick, combined with running, really hits me. I had thought we may do more, but by #6 I was glad it was the last. my legs needed a break, so pulling it was, although my triceps were still feeling Monday's skull crushers.

may go out for a spin later today, depends how work goes, how I feel, and how the weather is.

was able to fit in a rare triple today! did a late day ride, to cap off my morning run/swim:

South Chandler Big Loop 29.18 mi 01:42 17.2mph pace

Got out for a late day ride and did my usual Thursday loop around South Chandler. I hadn't ridden my own bike (the TriCross) since last Thursday, and I was regretting getting on it -v- the carbon bike I rode over the weekend, but it really wasn't all horrible. Weather was sunny, mid-80s, but very windy. Really noticed the winds along AZ-87 between Gilbert and Hunt. Oh, was on Gilbert riding on the shoulder...when all of a sudden I saw a pickup truck coming at me from the other direction. Kinda freaked me out, I hadn't realized there was a dashed yellow line there. Otherwise, the ride was pretty good. For the first time ever, I made every single green light on Pecos from Dobson to Cooper
Distance: 29.18 mi
Time: 1:41:48
Avg Speed: 17.2 mph
Elevation Gain: 79 ft
Calories: 1,728 C

I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight

my weight is finally coming back down to a reasonable level. the odd thing is, this time around my body fat % is dropping faster than weight. maybe some of the muscle I'm getting from lifting is sticking around. I have noticed that some dress slacks are very tight in my upper legs.

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