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Year Three: The Road Back

YAY! It's Monday!

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by , April 9th, 2012 at 01:45 PM (2262 Views)
So... I realize the title is not a typical Monday morning sentiment, but I had a big day in the pool. I did my first 100 Free without fins or resorting to one-arm drills since my surgery! And... it was long course, too!

Most of my "swimming" since getting back in the water has been either kicking, one-arm drills, or easy stroke wearing fins to give me added lift in the water. I had managed a fin-free 50 Free last week, but my shoulder was tired after that. The water felt pretty good today and I managed to do 4 left arm only (the bad shoulder) fly drill strokes in a row. I can string together a few one-arm fly drill strokes, but still don't have the strength to get an actual fly full stroke going. I still need the extra body rotation I get from doing the drill one-armed. I know... I know... baby steps.

Other than the 100 Free, here's what else I did today:

200 Warm-Up ('cuz I was chatting...)
5 x 200 on 3:30 (wearing fins - odds: fly/back drills by 50; evens: kick)
6 x 50 Drill/swim by 25 (w/ fins) on 1:10
1 x 200 Kick fast on ?:??? (don't remember, but I made the interval )
2 x 50 Kick faster on 1:15
4 x 25 Kick fastest on :30
4 x 25 Sprint on 1:00 (did one-arm fly w/ fins)
1 x 150 Free w/o fins (YAY! Took a break at the 100 for :10, swam easy 50)
400 Cool-Down

Then, I went home and did my shoulder strengthening exercises. Right now, my shoulder feels pretty good. We'll see how it is after Round 2 of the strengthening goes.

On another happy note - I am now a certified Level 1 USA coach!!! Benefit to being out of the water... I realized how much I like being on deck too! YAY! Going for ASCA Level II and USMS certification at the Indianapolis class in June. Woo-hoo!

Enjoy your swims today and happy Monday!

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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Congrats on your 100! And super congrats on being smart and taking things sensibly as you build back up. Plus it sounds like you used your out-of-the-water time well. Nice going!
  2. kgernert's Avatar
    Thanks for the support. It is SOOOO hard to back off and not push it... but, being that I belong to Indy Aquatic Masters and we are hosting the 2013 USMS SCY National Championships here... My long-term goals are changing a bit. Missing the Indiana State meet was hard, missing LCM Nationals in the Olympic Trials pool will be tough... missing the SCY Nationals in my team's own pool - NO WAY! So... I'm trying to be smarter now, so I don't miss out next spring.
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Congrats! I know it's hard, but keep going slow. I think Indy 2013 is a great goal. You can come back. And don't worry too much about the fins.
  4. kgernert's Avatar
    I'm not too worried at this point about overusing my fins. But, that being said, I know myself and my tendency to use fins more than I probably should when I'm really healthy. There's a huge difference between using fins to get through a mainly kicking 2600 LCM set and using fins to get through a really tough set much eaiser. Besides, sometimes it's actually nice to feel the water on your feet.