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Year Three: The Road Back

Back At It...

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by , April 13th, 2012 at 12:14 PM (856 Views)
After a day of biking on Wednesday and a day of coaching on Thursday, I was ready to get back in the water today. I met with the surgeon earlier this week and he was very pleased with my progress and released me from even physical therapy (which my therapist and I expected, so he gave me lists of exercises to continue on my own). The surgeon told me I could go as hard as I wanted in the water - my shoulder is good to go. So.... here's what I did today:

250 Warm-Up
1 x 400 Pull on 8:00 (did 75 free of each 100, 25 kick)
12 x 25 on :40 (3 each stroke w/ fins)
4 Sets (wore fins for all):
- 4 x 50 Stroke on 1:10 (1 - IM, 2 - Fly, 3 & 4 - Fly & Kick)
- 1 x 200 on 3:30 (1 - IM, 2 - Fly / Free by 50, 3 - Fly / Kick by 50, 4 - One Arm Fly)
6 x 50 Free (all w/o fins) on 1:05
300 Cool-Down
Total Meters - 3150

I did get about 8 full strokes of fly in a row today, but my shoulder got pretty sore, so I backed off to one-arm fly. I don't know what possessed me to do the last 200 as a one-arm fly, but by the 150 I was getting really tired - and really determined to actually do it. Full disclosure - I have never done any kind of 200 fly in my life. Getting this one this morning felt great!

I also did pretty well with the 6 x 50 w/o fins swimming free at the end of practice. It felt better - like I was actually getting a little pull from my left arm instead of just letting it slip through the water. And, I'm much more conscious of getting a good body rotation in free than I ever was before. Upside... better stroke and easier to breathe to my "bad" side. Another silver lining? Perhaps! All in all, I'm still taking baby steps ... but it's all good.

My shoulder is pretty tender right now, so I'm actually okay with tomorrow being a crazy track and softball filled day for my kids. A day out of the water will be fine - and I'll compensate by swimming with a buddy on Sunday (which is my usual day off).

On a completely unexpected note... I got offered an Age Group coaching spot! WOO-HOO! I start on Monday and can't believe how excited I am! This Friday the 13th has been AWESOME! Hope yours is going great too!

Enjoy your swims and your weekend!

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