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Friday, April 13

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1000 EZ
More hot tubing than swimming

Feed Jimby

Stretching and rehab on GMU pool deck with SwimmieAvsFan

Big hugs with Chowmi!!!!

Preparing to count for crazy distance swimmers.

Mega chatting

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    What's a hot tube?

    Very jealous of your Zone meet this weekend ... AZ is a desert for meets in April.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    I dunno if you need a meet in April with Nats so early .... I might have preferred no meet and thus an uninterrupted taper. I'd like more meets in the fall or winter here, and more SCM meets.
  3. jaadams1's Avatar
    Preparing to count for crazy distance swimmers
    OK, I guess there still is a place in the world for sprinters. (please don't kill me)