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Year Three: The Road Back


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by , April 19th, 2012 at 02:36 PM (2035 Views)
So, I got myself a new pair of TYR fins, as my other ClubSwim fins were ripping. Love the TYR fins. My feet loving them, however, are another story right now. Day one using my fins (Tuesday) left me with blisters on my heel. Not really worried about it, as they will callous and no longer be a problem. How did I elect to solve the problem of a raw heel? Swim socks.

Day two (Wednesday), I wore my (granted they are old) TYR swim socks under my fins. If you've seen these TYR socks, they have seams over the toes and down the sides of your foot. Well, the over the toe seam left a raw and torn blister by the end of yesterday's practice. So....

It was a NO FIN day today! Actually, I was pretty proud of myself for leaving them off all morning and could really tell the difference in how hard my legs were working. I may have to take more NO FIN days, especially as I get back my shoulder strength and begin to regain a little speed... and get back to competing.

Here's what I did today:
8 x 50 Drill / Swim on 1:05
8 x 75 Kick on 1:55 (Alternated between flutter and dolphin w/ board)
4 Sets:
- 1 x 50 Free on 1:05
- 1 x 75 Kick on 1:55
- 1 x 50 Free on 1:00
6 x 75 Kick on 2:00
100 Free Cool-Down
Total Meters: 2250

I realize it doesn't seem like a lot to many of you, but considering my shoulder was in an immobilizer sling just over 2 months ago, I'm pretty proud that I could do the 8x50 drill/swim freestyle w/o fins and make the interval.

It's nice when baby steps are rewarded... and I'm learning such an appreciation for the little things that make swimming great - AND - I'm rebuilding my stroke from the ground up. I think when I get back to full strength, the mechanics of my freestyle (and therefore my speed) will be better than ever. Here's to hoping!

Enjoy your swims today!

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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Congrats on your swimming, and your steady recovery . . . and yes it sounds like it was time to give your poor feet a break from the fins!

    I have had trouble with fins tearing up my feet (although I usually ditch them before they get to the state you describe), and besides socks I have found BandAid Blister Block helpful (it's not a bandaid, but a roll-on lubricant).
    [ame=""] Band, Aid Friction Block Active Friction Block Stick, 0.34 oz: Health & Personal Care[/ame]
  2. kgernert's Avatar
    Cool tip. I will have to try it. Sadly, while I was using my fins and my toes were getting torn up, it didn't feel that bad - just a prick here or there. It was when I took off my fins/socks and actually saw my toe that I realized just how bad it was. Huh... maybe chlorine numbs the pain?!
  3. Sojerz's Avatar
    socks seem to work for me and never thought about using lubricant - there's an anti-chafe stick called body glide that cyclists and tri all sware by, but i haven't ried it yet. My socks are speedo are hard to cram into the fin, but once in very tight fit.
    Updated April 19th, 2012 at 11:19 PM by Sojerz