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Friday 04202012, AM Swim & PM Gym

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by , April 21st, 2012 at 01:36 AM (69 Views)
went up to Mesa-Kino for the AM masters swim workout
we were in the main pool (LCM)
Paul was on deck coaching (Laura had a group in the small pool SCY)

got in 200 w/u

IM progression, each 50 @ 1:10:
1 x 50 fly (did drill)
2 x 50 back
3 x 50 breast
4 x 50 free
100 kick (used just board)

100 fast (1:20ish)
300 fast, close to each other (drafting)
100 kick (used board + fins)

100 fast (1:19)
300 fast, more drafting
100 easy kick
100 easy swim

here we split the lanes in half, with 2 going to each side...
600 team pursuit, trying to catch the other half of the lane, changing position every 100 (with fins)
200 easy kick

100 FAST from blocks for time (1:16)

200 w/d

TTL: 2900m

this was definitely a different kind of workout.

in addition to what I typed above, Paul wanted us to switch positions (first-->last, last-->first) for each set. since I went 3rd (we started with 5 in the lane), it didn't really matter

the split team pursuit was kinda fun, only the other team in our lane didn't play by the rules, they didn't swap out every 100. the faster guy was at least 25m ahead of the other when he caught the gal I was swimming with.

was really surprised to get a 100 off the blocks. I hadn't done a block start for a while...we hadn't had blocks in while all the synchro stuff was going on.

had an exceptionally busy day at work. my company's CEO was in town for a town hall meeting in downtown Phoenix, so I went to that. the people planning it were short staffed with helpers, so I ended up manning a door. it wasn't too bad, I got to see many people I hadn't seen in a while.
it was interesting how some people were dressed. as listed on the invite, business attire was requested. I don't know where shorts, sneakers, sandals, and the like fit into business attire... heck even I wore a suit.
after popping in Tempe for a haircut on my way to the office, I had a firedrill from my boss to take care of much of the remainder of the day.

after work I managed to find my way to the gym. for some reason I couldn't find it for at least the last week...
went to the 24 Hour Fitness @ Dobson/8th St in Mesa:

Tmill: 21 min, 263 cal, 2.3 miles
2 min warmup
Jog at 6.7, build to 7.6 mph
1 min warmdown

Leg rolling: 5 min
Plank w forearms on roller: 2 x 1:30
Side plank: 2:40, done as twice right/left @ :40 each

Pullups: 4 x 8, holding legs horizontal for 5 sec after each

Biceps preacher curls: 1 x 15 x 75, 2 x 12 x 85, 2 x 8 x 95

Hammer strength high row: 1 x 20 x 90, 2 x 12 x 180, 2 x 8 x 230

Biceps single arm standing dumbbell hammer curls: 2 x 12 x 37.5's, 2 x 8 x 42.5's

Leg raises on captain's chair: 3 x 15

along with no gym in a while, I hadn't run in over 2 weeks. I really wasn't wanting to do it, but figured if I didn't today, it would be even more difficult the next time I try. last year at this time I was running like crazy...

otherwise, I used to prefer my chest/triceps day at the gym, but my back/biceps day has really grown on me. I felt super fresh (of course since I hadn't lifted for a while), and felt like I could have done much more of everything. of course I'll probably really feel this in 2 days.

after all that, I went in the gym pool for an easy 300 SCM warmdown (I didn't even attempt anything near fast or race pace).

I was reviewing my training calendar, and my last day off with no exercise was Wednesday March 7. I think this is the longest I've gone with doing something every day. well that's going to change...I'm giving myself a day off tomorrow. just a walk with Holly, usual cleaning, weekly ironing, church, dinner, and errands.
then Sunday is going to be a big training day. I'm meeting a friend at Saguaro Lake early Sunday morning. I wanted to do a bike-swim, but he's training for Ironman AZ so wants to do a swim-bike to practice, and I think we'll end up with a swim-bike-swim. I may take some running stuff and even do a swim-bike-run-swim if I'm feeling good, and my legs aren't trashed enough from biking (there will be some major hills, with names like Godzilla and King Kong).
water temp there is around 75 now, which should be about perfect!

oh and for the first time in almost 3 months, today when I entered my swimming distance in my flog, I finally had good news:
Goal: 152.05 miles
Actual: 152.43 miles
that will go negative tomorrow, and I'm not sure how much I'll get in Sunday (at most 4 miles). but hopefully I'll build up a little kitty next week.

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    that is cool the pool is set up in LCM. I would like to get a LCM workout last week or next week but, I am going to wait until after Greensboro.
  2. aztimm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tjrpatt
    that is cool the pool is set up in LCM. I would like to get a LCM workout last week or next week but, I am going to wait until after Greensboro.
    Cool! Nothing quite like LCM, and Paul said the pools should be LCM for the next 4 months!

    I'm sure there must be a couple of people from my team going to Nationals, but I don't know of any off the top of my head. Right now our team is gearing up for Long Course season, and we're hosting our LMSC/state LCM meet in early Aug.