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Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton

Been Dark Days Before

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I am set to begin more regular vlogging as soon as I recover from my recent life.

In the meantime, in these here dire times of ours, I think it's best to remember we have had dire times before and rose to the occasion.

Not me, personally.

But my brother John did. He rose time and again to the occasion. And rose some more.

For some strange peculiarites of the puberty process, John matured a lot earlier than me. My parents feared I'd get hurt during our childish games of what our father called "Grab Ass." I guess if we played this kind of thing today, what with me being so little and cherubic still, and John practically a grown man with arms hairier than most ape species, well the neighbors would have probably put out an amber alert.

I always thought my parents sent John away somewhere, maybe to work as a stevedore or hog butcher to the world or skullcracker in a cathouse. I missed my big twin something feirce, the way the Brain, I am sure, would have missed Pinky if the two them got separated.

I didn't hold it again my parents--hell, if Fightin' John had hung around waiting for my own growth spurt to make me safe from beatings in his company, I probably would still be dead.

When I found out the truth, of course, I was flabbergasted. My parents didn't send him off. He went down to the enlistment office, faked his age, and got sent to fight the war.

Here's a film he just finished where he opens up about this for the first time in his life.

And the irony of it, his heroism and all: I know I could kick his ass from Here to Eternity. But I also know I never will.

God bless Fightin' John Thornton, my identical twin. If I can someday show just one wee bit of his courage in the pool, y'all better watch the **** out!

Enjoy yourselves. The show starts now!

[ame=""]YouTube - Fightin' John's War Diaries[/ame]

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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    Hi jimby, I miss your vlogs.
    I am not quite sure of the point your u-tube short story was trying to get across; I guess I'm not quite as intutitive as most of the brilliant followers of your vlogs. I will say my Father was a WWII vet. He was a Staff Sgt. and Ranger. They stormed Normandy Beach, almost got court martialed at the Geneva convention, along with alot of other interesting/exciting adventures. My Dad worked in a factory as a Brown and Sharp job setter back when I was growing up. He would get home from work about when I got home from school. After having several nips back in his fishing room (they didn't do anything for soldiers mental health back then) he would start telling me war stories. Of course I was a sophisticated teen-age girl and I had no time for his stories of death and gore. In retrospect I wish I had stopped and listened, that was history. (It might have been good for my Dad's esteem too)
    Anyway, I am proud of him and all the soldiers who ever put their life on the line so I could live in a free country!
    The only person I know left on the earth who did have a few snorts with Dad and can tell his stories back word for word is my ex-husband.
    I am grateful I still have a source to my colorful Dad's past.

    Thanks for the memory,

  2. jim thornton's Avatar
    Hi, Bob,

    The past week or so has been extremely hectic--my IRS audit and the preparation leading up to it; a story deadline followed almost immediately by requests for changes; my job contract in limbo; and so on. By the end of each day, I didn't have time or finger strength left to vlog.

    In terms of getting the point of the things I write and/or the movies I post (many of which are made by my brother John), there is no need for brilliance unless you mean by this the brilliance of a psychiatrist who discerns in the gobbledegook babblings of a particularly demented case signs and meanings and a snifter of sense that the wretch neither intended nor was aware of himself when thusly babbling.

    Perhaps my brother will comment specifically on his movie. Our father was actually part of the Greatest Generation, so John's movie was part homage to him, and part just goofing around. He does these PhotoShop pictures where he inserts himself, Zelig-like, into different genres of art history. Anyhow, he had a bunch of images from the war done by famous (to photographers) wartime photojournalists. I think that's how this whole thing got started.

    Anyhow, I am glad it triggered some memories from your dad. I used to love to hear my father's war stories, such as they were, but perhaps that hints at a bit of teenage gender difference from our respective youths.