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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout:: 04/27/12: Pre-mini meet

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200 FR/200 BK/ 200 IM drill w/u

6 x 50 kick on :55
4 x 50 Quarter's Strong FR on :45

6 x 75 FR pull with buoy on 1:00

10 x 50 various on ?
(Solo/Rec/2050yds/45 minutes)

Nice to stretch out today in the water. Despite some stiffness in my lower back (with I attribute to the bus/plane seats on holiday), I felt ok in the water today. I held :49-51 on the pulls, and in the hodge-podge of 50's I did some fast stroke swims as well as drill and loosen at the end.

Everything looks good for tomorrow. I will head to the pool tonight before it closes to put the lane lines in and move a table to the pool deck. One of the swim team moms that is officiating has the Hy-Tek software and is putting everyone into the computer, and I printed all of the required forms for the event and after, so I can rest easy. As long as everyone who is helping shows up! :nervousnelly:

I was able to tune in to see Stud's 50 breast today on the live feed. Looks like a really fast pool there in NC. Keep swimming fast! Hope to watch more tomorrow after the meet.

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    Will you be providing a live feed of your meet as well?

    Good luck, hope everything runs great!
  2. Karl_S's Avatar
    'hope your meet goes well. Don't forget to have fun!