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Day 1, Mixed Bag

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Mixed bag on day one. No sleep last night and AF arrived this am. Disappointing start to the meet. The same thing happened at Auburn, where I swam fairly poorly. As a result, no power. That's how it goes sometimes.

100 fly, 1:02.2

I was solidly in the lead at 15 meters after going 14.5 underwater. I tried to swim the race very conservatively to avoid a big piano. Splits 29.3/32.8. These are good for me. I really didn't die the last length much. Execution, meh. Breakouts mediocre and turns glidey. Still, I was perfectly happy with this time considering. It's my second best as a master, best without the floaty suits.

100 back, 1:02.6

I'm sure no one will be surprised I'm disappointed with this time. It's much slower than my coverted time from the Albatross meet. Legs were dead and I didn't execute well. My left foot slipped on the start and I flopped a bit, though I recovered pretty well and went about 14 meters underwater. And I couldn't stay underwater nearly as long as I did in the Albatross 100; my kick count was way off. Last time, 15/15/15/10; this time 14/12/10/7-8. No leg power. Not how I envisioned this race. Almost an even split, factoring in the start, which may partly be due to the slip. Out much slower than in March. But still it was slightly under the NR and my second best time after my Jaked swim in Atlantain 2010. . I'm sure I'll be more psyched about it later.


The pool and facility are VERY nice. My only slight quibble is that the lanes were not very wide with the course set up as 10 lanes. They're wider at Mason. I grazed my hand on the lane line on the 100 fly.

It was fantastic hanging out with everyone, meeting some new folks and watching the fast swimming!

I am really hoping for some sleep tonight. I have some real accumulated sleep debt and feel cruddy. I think I'm scratching tomorrow and hopefully will feel better on Sunday. I think it is also possible, given my reduced cross training, that I'm slightly overtapered. Too many confounding factors to really know though. Peace love, swimming.

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  1. qbrain's Avatar
    So your fly split was faster than my 50 fly... your 5'2"?

    Hopefully tonight you get solid sleep, and you can compare good sleep to not good sleep. Nationals is exhausting, I think the timers even need more rest than normal, so maybe the next Nationals you might consider coming a day early to adjust to the hotel bed, the new pool, getting around, etc. Or maybe day one (for you) are events you don't expect good times in. Those will need to be events at local meets where your routine is closer to normal for WRs

    The next couple days will tell if you are overtapered, but I think there is a good chance that today was just not ideal.

    Good luck!
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks Q. I think it's a confluence of factors that made it non ideal. The drive seemed to make my legs sore as well, despite Pete and I exuberantly bopping out to Nicki Minaj. And I am just a poor traveller. Coming a day early might mean even less sleep. Who knows? One night of no sleep is manageable, but multiple nights is hard. Much easier to become mentally unglued with accumulated sleep debt. My events started earlier this year too with using ten lanes. I wish I had done better event planning. Next Nationals I will consider split requests if need be.

    Jazz thinks I'm over tapered. Hard to know. I expect my times to be off tomorrow, but well see. I can't complain too much; I've swum so well this year. I do feel a little snakebit wrt nationals though.