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Year Three: The Road Back

It's a Happy FLOG! (finally)

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Enough said? Well... maybe not. But, for the first time since having shoulder surgery (and cutting my Go the Distance goal in half - to 250 miles), my FLOG IS HAPPY! (My shoulders were another story during warm-ups - tight & tense - so today became more of a kicking day than a swimming day.) That being said, I'm still very happy with myself and my legs are still sore from today's workout. Here's what I did:

300 Warm-Up
4 x 200 Kick w/ fins on 3:30
4 x 50 Free Fast (w/o fins on 1:30 - did :47, :47, :45, :43)
4 x 350 Kick (w/ fins - odd: flutter w/ board, even: dolphin w/ board)
2 x 175 Free (w/o fins)
150 Cool-Down
Total Meters - 3200

I am actually starting to feel stronger when I swim freestyle in the water - like my pull is actually doing something for both arms. Again, woo hoo! What I really need to work on now is endurance. I'm just not able to go very far with what feels like a good pull yet. My shoulder gets tired and sore very quickly. I guess that will come with time too. The truth is that only a few short months ago, I was in an immobilizer sling - feeling a strong pull for even a few lengths is still a good thing!

It's back to the pool again tonight to coach the 10 and Under's. I'm am having such a blast coaching the club kids that I wish I had discovered coaching sooner. Oh well, better late than never, eh?

Enjoy your swims today!

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