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Thursday 05172012: AM Run & PM Pool Tourism

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went out for a little run this morning:

Paseo Trail, Loop 202 to Tibshraeny Park 4.39 mi 00:36 08:18 pace

It had been so long since I've run outside that it took me a minute to figure out how to change my Garmin GPS from cycling to running mode. I tried to use nearly any excuse not to run, and nearly just went to Hamilton to swim... But I went out for a solo run along the canal near home (despite Holly giving me her sad eyes as I left). Once I got started, it really wasn't so bad, and I actually felt like I could have gone further. Just ran up to the park at Chandler/Cooper, took a quick pit stop, then came back. I felt ok, so I did a little sprint down past the freeway, then back up to the canal footbridge to finish. Weather seemed nice, around 75F (at 6am), a little breeze (felt good running, it would have felt worse riding). Mile splits: 8:34, 8:21, 8:38, 8:06, 7:15.
Distance: 4.39 mi
Time: 36:29
Avg Pace: 8:19 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 8 ft
Calories: 586 C

I guess I have enough of a running base built up that I can take off a while and still come back. after my disappointing try at cycling sprints last night, this really made me feel better

the thing I really missed about not running outside was the feeling of the wind blowing against me, listening to music, and just getting away from the fray for a while. that just doesn't happen on a gym treadmill.

I had grand plans to do a recovery ride on my cyclocross bike over to the pool for a swim tonight. then reality set in, my legs got heavy, I checked the weather report...and woke up to the reality that while I could make it there in daylight, the ride back would be in the dark. so it was a drive over and back from the pool

went over to Chandler-Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center for the PM lap swim:

600 w/u various

6 x 100 kick @ 1:50 w/fins + board

100 easy kick, board only (no interval)

3 x 200 pull @ 2:40 w/paddles + buoy

100 easy

100 IM (from push, 1:23ish)

100 easy

50 fast free (from push, :32)

200 w/d

TTL: 2450 yards

I was worried that the pool would be crowded, I heard it gets very busy. so I got there right when lap swim started, and got my very own lane, even one in the middle of the pool. I had it until the very end. just when I was about to push off for the fast 50 free, a guy asked if he could come in.

I had been in this pool before, but I don't remember exactly when. the entire facility is pretty new, I think it has only been open for 3-4 years. similar to Hamilton also serves Chandler's Basha HS. I think the main competition pool has 10 lanes, and it had a decent depth.

anyway, I ended up feeling ok...not great, but not as bad as I could have. the pull set really gave me a nice little chance to recover. then I decided to do a few timed swims.

so now I have 3 City of Chandler pools down, 3 more to go. I've been to one of those left (Desert Oasis), but again it was a long time ago (I think in 2002).
Oddly, the 2 I've never been to are the closest to where I live. One is about 2 miles from home.

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