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Monday 06112012: back to the grind

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thankfully the trip home on Friday was mostly without issue. the FRA-CLT flight was good, although the food was horrible (I was hungry so I ate it anyway). we arrived at CLT about 30 min early, and customs doesn't open until 1pm, so we had to wait on the plane until they were ready for us...but that gave the baggage people time to do their thing, and bags were waiting by the time we got there.
CLT-PHX had a little delay, the pilot couldn't tell if some oil beneath an engine was from our plane or the one that had been at the gate before. thankfully it wasn't ours, but it still caused a ~15 min delay.

We got home and were greeted by Holly bounding around the house
the people who watched her left that morning to go camping, so they dropped her off before they left. I was texting them from CLT (while waiting on the plane), so knew she'd be waiting. my other half's brother went over during the afternoon to let her out so we didn't have any mess waiting for us.

I was extremely jet lagged on Saturday. I woke up around 3am, couldn't sleep. So I went out for a run, took Holly. we did 6 miles...actually felt pretty good. I don't remember the exact pace, but I think it was around 8:35/mile. now I hadn't run in 4 weeks, and I should know better... 2-3 miles should have been my max.

so Sunday morning, again I woke up jet lagged around 4am...and quite sore from my run. I dragged myself out of bed, took Holly for a walk, then met a friend to bike. I hadn't been on my bike for 3 weeks, and initially it felt like I hadn't ever been on it.
my last ride before the trip (the ~78 mile one), when I was about 1-2 miles from home, the chain dropped; I got it back on, but the shifting was very squirrley. so I took the bike to the shop on Sat afternoon, and they spent 10-15 min cleaning up the shifting for me. I noticed it immediately on Sunday morning, almost felt like a brand new bike again
I rode over to meet my friend--who had just gotten off of a 12 hour overnight shift at Intel. he was pretty open to what we would do. so I suggested Ahwatukee, but we took the long way out. We got out there, did one hill, then rode to the end of Ahwatukee. my legs were feeling like cr*p, so I begged not to do the hill on the return, and we took mostly a flat ride back to Chandler.
overall it was a decent ride. about 61 miles for me, holding an avg 18.2 mph. 6 months ago both of those would have been incredible for me, but now they're both kinda meh. but given no riding for 3 weeks, and trashed legs from running, not too horrible.
After my ride, I took the bike back to the shop for a full tune-up. I managed to talk them into having it done tonight...but they called about 3 hours later to say it was ready. they really cleaned it up nicely (why the heck a bike comes with white tape is beyond me, but it looks nice once again...we'll see how long).

the jet lag is starting to fade, but I didn't have any problem at all waking up at 4:20 this morning for swim workout

went out to Mesa-Skyline for the team swim workout
we had 3 lanes in the main pool (LCM)
Paul was coaching

got in 800 w/u (was the first there, actually got there same time as Paul)

4 x 150 @ :20 rest, done as 50 drill/50 swim/50 kick

8 x 100 pull @ 2:00
Paul had me try some Finis paddles he's straps, you put your thumb through a hole. after 2, I was really feeling it in my forearms. then another guy took them after 5, and my paddles felt like 10# blocks
these were supposed to be hypoxic or snorkle; I breathed about every 5-6 (snuck in a couple 2-3 strokes)

4 x 100 kick @ :20 rest
no board, I did these on my back. focus was on long pushoffs off of walls

8 x 50
odds: freestyle @ :50
evens: stroke (breast) @ 1:10

300 w/d
there were some Turtles (kind of like paddles with straps, but curvy things), did 100 with them
then 200, mixing in a 50 breast

TTL: 3300m (LCM)

I commented several times how this was the most crowded I had ever seen Skyline. now with the summer leagues going, there were kids in 5 lanes of the main pool, diving well, and the warm-up pool.
we had 3 lanes, with I think 5-6 in each (a far cry from a few weeks ago when I had my own 50m lane).

I tried to scan through the multitude of emails Paul had sent over the past few weeks. essentially Skyline will be LCM every morning (they're adding in Tues/Thurs AM workouts), and Kino just on Tues/Fri mornings. So I guess I'll swim at Skyline on Mon-Wed, then Kino on Fridays. I have no idea about the others...probably Kino Tues PM.

Paul also had a bunch of Finis goggles he wanted us to test. now I'm very particular about goggles...I've been wearing TYR Raceteck for years (10-15), and I prefer the metallized version. But I thought I'd give these a shot. only they all had a fixed nosebridge between the eye sockets, and all were way too small (either that or I have a big head). so I put my Raceteck back on
(others also commented on the bridge size on the goggles, not sure if anyone was able to successfully use them)

we have a meet on 6/23 that I'll probably do. I'd like to see if I can match my 1500m time from last year, hopefully beat it. I may mix things up a little and do the 400m free, haven't done that LCM for 10+ years.

oh, and I decided that 3 weeks off the bike was too much. I'm making arrangements to rent a bike in both NYC and Houston for trips in a few weeks.

along with my Liberty Island swim in NYC, I'll probably head out to Brighton for an o/w swim, then hit one of the TNYA workouts at John Jay once too (it really helps connecting with locals who can fill you in on swimming in NYC ) I was thinking of trying to get to the Woodlands pool near Houston (I'll be staying up in that area), but for just a weekend, and doing family stuff, a spin on the bike will probably be cutting things close.

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  1. qbrain's Avatar
    Welcome home.

    You didn't rent a bike in London?

  2. aztimm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by qbrain
    Welcome home.

    You didn't rent a bike in London?

    No, but I looked into it. The shop near our hotel rents bikes, and it really isn't too expensive (a weekly rate was about GBP 150 for a similar bike to mine).
    I got a really cool bike jersey there. It has the London Tube map, with a huge, "Mind the Gap," at the top and on the sleeves (I'll have to take a pic of it). I wore it yesterday, but my friend from Ireland wasn't too amused (he gave me a hard time about going to the Jubilee celebrations, and I told him that some of my family came from Derry--in Northern Ireland )

    We saw some of those Barclay's bikes, and looked at their rates. It is quite expensive... And I'm not sure I could ride a fixed gear bike...on the other side of the London traffic